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Thank you Starshadow!


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I'm trying to follow this guide to dump using a PS3 console
I reached the part of having the ISO, but when I launch "3k3y Keydumper v1.00" with an empty USB flash in the right slot the 3Dump.bin isn't created (the usb flash is formatted with FAT32 of course).
I'm on Ferrox 4.82+Cobra. Am I doing something wrong? Maybe the 3k3y app doesn't work with Ferrox? Any advice? Thanks


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I'm trying to follow the PC method, the first requirement is:
"- 3k3y Ripper Device + IsoTools" is this Ripper an actual piece of hardware?


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Thank you very much!


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Hi guys! Just to let you know that have two of the PS3 missing discs
I can't submit PS3 games yet, so... as soon as you approve my verifications or get my Dumper status I'll be uploading all the info needed

The demo disc is BCUS90762

What happens if you change the Time Zone in Windows?

xTMODx sent me a message and told me hehas some units willing to sell, however he hasn't decided yet on which one(s)


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sarami wrote:

Some fixed for non plextor drive. Plz try the latest test version if possible.

I tried with the latest revision and still doesn't work. Don't worry, I'm working on getting my Plextor drive wink

user7 wrote:

Another one snatched up at a high price. I threw $45 bids on the rest, putting them out of mind. I have a feeling whoever is buying them is planning to try to resell at a higher price in the future. We'll see if any of my bids land.


user7 wrote:

Ok, I will bid on one for you too if you cover price and shipping. I will bid maximum of 45$ on each drive and if I buy multiple drives I will sell for an average of the cost + shipping to me (which seller will combine shipping). I hope that means I will be able to resell the drives to you guys (without profit) for around $35-40 each (before shipping costs to you).


user7 wrote:

escarlata has worked out shipping with the seller and plans to buy one that ends in two days. He will update.

Douglie, these are great drives at a great price, let me know if you plan to buy one and pick one so I will not bid against you.

Schrodinger, I will bid on one of these for you.

I just recevied a message from the ebay seller that has those 755uf.
Quote "We only ship international with the eBay global shipping program. if you can't see the shipping cost to there it mean we do not ship there."

So, regrettably no 755uf for me

xTMODx wrote:

Here are a few Plextor drives cheap (depend on what shipping cost you may have)
https://www.ebay.com/sch/CD-DVD-Blu-ray … einteriors

Are you selling those? They look great but he doesn't ship to Argentina sad

Sorry to butt in here, I'm interested in getting a Plextor drive too. I have both destop and laptop. What model(s) are the best to get? Should I contact to you via PM? Thanks

I'm new at redump too and of course not expert, but I got a similar issue and sarami told me is the Plextor drive indeed because of how CloneCD and other dumping tools works as opposed to DIC


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Thanks for the explanation sarami!
I guess I'd need to purchase a Plextor drive...


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I understand that my drive doesn't support reading lead-out, but how come I got a matching hash with all the other programs? Alcohol, PowerISO, Isobuster, CloneCD...


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C:\dic\Release_ANSI>dic cd g nl 8 /c2 /nl
        Windows 7 Ultimate Service Pack 1 32bit
        x86, AnsiBuild, Jul  2 2017 22:09:56
/c2 val1 is omitted. set [1024]
/c2 val2 is omitted. set [4096]
/c2 val3 is omitted. set [4]
         Argument: nl
         FullPath: C:\dic\Release_ANSI\nl
            Drive: C:
        Directory: \dic\Release_ANSI\
         Filename: nl
Start time: 2017-11-26(Sun) 18:27:50
Set the drive speed: 0KB/sec
Allocating packed memory for C2 errors: 8192
This drive can read a data sector at scrambled mode [OpCode: 0xbe, C2flag: 1, Su
bCode: 0]
This drive can read a data sector at scrambled mode [OpCode: 0xbe, C2flag: 1, Su
bCode: 1]
This drive can read a data sector at scrambled mode [OpCode: 0xbe, C2flag: 1, Su
bCode: 2]
This drive can read a data sector at scrambled mode [OpCode: 0xbe, C2flag: 1, Su
bCode: 4]
Checking SubQ adr (Track)  1/ 1
Checking SubRtoW (Track)  1/ 1
Reading DirectoryRecord    8/   8

Set OpCode: 0xbe, SubCode: 1(Raw)
Checking SubQ ctl (Track)  1/ 1
LBA[311865, 0x4c239]: [F:ProcessReadCD][L:1450]
        Opcode: 0xbe
        ScsiStatus: 0x02 = CHECK_CONDITION
        SenseData Key-Asc-Ascq: 05-21-00 = ILLEGAL_REQUEST - LOGICAL BLOCK ADDRE
Created img (LBA) 311864/311864

No C2 errors
Copying .scm to .img
Descrambling data sector of img (LBA) 311864/311864
Exec ""C:\dic\Release_ANSI\EccEdc.exe" check "C:\dic\Release_ANSI\nl.img""
FILE: C:\dic\Release_ANSI\nl.img
Checking sectors (LBA) 311864/311864
[ERROR] Number of sector(s) where sync(0x00 - 0x0c) is invalid: 311865
Total errors: 311865
Total warnings: 0
Creating bin, cue and ccd (Track)  1/ 1
Calculating hash: nl.img
Calculating hash: nl.bin
Freeing allocated memory for C2 errors: 8192
End time: 2017-11-26(Sun) 18:50:36


I redumped with the "/nl" command and here you have some errors, I also uploaded the logs here:
https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/ … sp=sharing


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edccchk - CD image EDC/ECC Checker
v1.26 (32-bit Windows, MinGW, large file support)
  Copyright (C) 2013 Natalia Portillo
  based on ecm v1.03
  Copyright (C) 2002-2011 Neill Corlett
Checking syphon(dic).bin...
Non-data sectors........ 311865
Mode 0 sectors.......... 0
        with errors..... 0
Mode 1 sectors.......... 0
        with errors..... 0
Mode 2 form 1 sectors... 0
        with errors..... 0
        with warnings... 0
Mode 2 form 2 sectors... 0
        with errors..... 0
        with warnings... 0
Total sectors........... 311865
Total errors............ 0
Total warnings.......... 0
Total errors+warnings... 0

I don't have a Plextor drive, however it is capable of doing scrambled data, and this is a standard PS1 disc... do I still need it? Besides, I got a matching sha1 with all other tools!
Do you still want the logs?

I have this disc http://redump.org/disc/5037/

I dump it with CloneCD, PowerISO, ISOBuster and Alcohol 120% (using the CloneCD format and the CUE/BIN) and got the matching SHA-1!

However, when I dump it with DIC I got the same file size but diferent SHA-1
I use this command "dic cd e syphon 8 /c2" (also without /c2)

File: syphon.bin
Size (bytes):   733506480
From image:     -1037081600
Size (sectors): 311865
From image:     978344128
EDC in Form 2 sectors: YES

Details with DIC
Name:    syphon(dic).bin
Date:    24/11/2017
Size:    699 MB (733,506,480 bytes)
SHA-1:    c768375287c53dcbd1bed9b85179f2d8b8a62fe7
MD5:    71c6d4d2faa43f5b45fdcfdb25515d5c
CRC32:    91330e69

Details with all other programs
Name:    SCUS94240.img
Date:    21/11/2017
Size:    699 MB (733,506,480 bytes)
SHA-1:    1bc8bba772e04014e7363c9423e6e031a2fda02b
MD5:    32f334b31515d485e225d892b400f114
CRC32:    3e270096

What am I doing wrong? What command should I use to dump PS1 non protected games?
Thank you all


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Do any specific protection have those positive and negative offsets?
Can you give me some PC CD examples of those?

Hi user7! I appreciate very much your guide for newbies as I find DIC difficult to use, and the DIC's main thread with 44 pages became impossible to read!

For example: what difference would it make to run DIC with the "CD" or "DATA" parameter?
Also, could you describe when to use the other parameters? Like /c2 /d8 or whatever

I guess I need to launch DIC with specific parameters according to the disc's protection.
Can you make a list of what to use with each? Or at least the most common one? SafeDisc 1, SafeDisc 2-3-4 and SecuROM


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According to DIC's readme.txt a drive needed for ripping CDs needs to be capable of:
- read scrambled mode
- read lead-out/in

I have an USB LG "BP50NB40" drive. I know its capable of the scrambled mode because when I launch DIC it says is capable of that, but I am unsure of the lead-out/in. How can I be sure?


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In what situations a Plextor drive would be useful?
Audio Tracks? SafeDisc? SecuROM? Any other protection?


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Windows 7 32bits
Should I switch to XP for dumping / burning?


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Maybe kind of off-topic, but I'd appreciate if you help.
As I'm new here, I first dumped a game you have in the database to see if I could get the same results.
I have an original copy of Doom 3 USA
I followed your guide using CD Manipulator (I found a slight typo, in the guide it says check "Auto Detect Read Channel" and it should read "Command") anyway, I dumped it and got an exact checksum, so I was very happy.
Now, I though: since I have an exact copy I burned it at 4x, but when I launch the game it says I don't have the disc in the drive, or it wasn't detected (needless to say, I put the original disc and works great). So... the question is: did I burn the wrong way? I used CD Manipulator with the default settings
Or I will never have a 1:1 copy?

Kind regards to you all