Maybe kind of off-topic, but I'd appreciate if you help.
As I'm new here, I first dumped a game you have in the database to see if I could get the same results.
I have an original copy of Doom 3 USA
I followed your guide using CD Manipulator (I found a slight typo, in the guide it says check "Auto Detect Read Channel" and it should read "Command") anyway, I dumped it and got an exact checksum, so I was very happy.
Now, I though: since I have an exact copy I burned it at 4x, but when I launch the game it says I don't have the disc in the drive, or it wasn't detected (needless to say, I put the original disc and works great). So... the question is: did I burn the wrong way? I used CD Manipulator with the default settings
Or I will never have a 1:1 copy?

Kind regards to you all

What OS ? Recent OS can screw the protectors...

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Windows 7 32bits
Should I switch to XP for dumping / burning?