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Just a tip since I managed to find quite a few Plextor drives really easy a while ago. I'm a member on a certain large web forum for computer hardware enthusiasts and have been for a long time. So I did a quick search in the forum archive for posts mentioning "plextor", "plextools" etc between 2000-2007. I found a lot of posts from forum users mentioning they owned Plextor drives. So I sent out around ~50 PMs asking if they still had their old Plextor drive and if I could buy it. And surprise - now I have 8 Plextor units. Some were given to me for free (just shipping), some I bought cheap. smile


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F1ReB4LL wrote:
behemoth wrote:

It would be nice if DIC had an option to also create a single bin+cue though.

bin+cue, img+cue, iso+cue is the same thing. You can rename .img to .bin by yourself (don't forget to do the same inside the .cue). You can even rename it to, dunno, "dump.abc" + "dump.cue" and it will still work.

Yes, thanks. I was thinking about it and did a cksum on disc.img and converted it to hex and it matches the CRC-32 "total" value in the database. Awesome. smile


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OK, I got it. DIC doesn't produce a single bin+cue if it's a multi-track disc. So the file name specified on the command line isn't actually used the way I thought it would be. Somewhat confusing, but I understand why.

It would be nice if DIC had an option to also create a single bin+cue though.


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iR0b0t wrote:

The resulting large ”disc.bin” should be there, except maybe if dumping process was aborted / incomplete.

I must be doing something wrong then. I've tested three games now (Guardian Heroes, Saturn Bomberman and Sega Rally) and no "disc.bin" after running the below command:

DiscImageCreator.exe cd F: disc.bin 8 /c2

I see no errors and DIC seems to finish OK. I get the following files as the result (this is from running DIC on Guardian Heroes):

disc (Track 01).bin
disc (Track 02).bin
disc (Track 03).bin
disc (Track 04).bin
disc (Track 05).bin
disc (Track 06).bin
disc (Track 07).bin
disc (Track 08).bin
disc (Track 09).bin
disc (Track 10).bin
disc (Track 11).bin
disc (Track 12).bin
disc (Track 13).bin
disc (Track 14).bin
disc (Track 15).bin
disc (Track 16).bin
disc (Track 17).bin
disc (Track 18).bin
disc (Track 19).bin
disc (Track 20).bin
disc (Track 21).bin
disc (Track 22).bin
disc (Track 23).bin
disc (Track 24).bin

I'm using DIC version 20170728.


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I’m new here and I’m trying to understand the dumping process. I have a collection of Sega Saturn (PAL and JP) games together with a minor collection of PS1 (PAL) games and I’d like to create backups of all my discs. I’d also like to contribute dumps/verifications to the redump database if possible, but it’s a bit of a challenge to know exactly where to start. :-)

Anyway, I’ve recently acquired three Plextor drives (PX-755A, PX-716SA and a Premium) and upgraded all of them to the latest firmware, since that seems to be the general recommendation. I think they should be supported by DiscImageCreator. Please correct me if I’m wrong here.

I’ve read the DIC thread[1] and I have DIC, EccEdc and the necessary MS VC++ packages installed on a Win7 x64 machine. If anything else is needed, again, please tell me.

So, I started with Guardian Heroes[2] for Sega Saturn. I ran DIC with the following command line options:

> DiscImageCreator.exe cd F: disc.bin 8 /c2

and I got a large set of files as the result. It took about 8 minutes. However, I don’t see any resulting large ”disc.bin” in the DIC directory. Did I do something wrong?

Comparing the md5/sha1 hashes of all the small .bin tracks with the values in the redump database shows no differences. Hash values are the same. I guess that’s a good thing at least. Is that enough to know that I have a good dump?

Last question - in the redump database entry[2] for Guardian Heroes, ”Cuesheet” is marked as blue, ”Rings” is marked as yellow and ”Header” is marked as blue. With the dump I got, can I submit enough info in a verification in order to bring these into confirmed/green status?

[1] http://forum.redump.org/topic/10483/discimagecreator/
[2] http://redump.org/disc/2849/