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Remove the first colon from the Japanese title please. It's not present in the Japanese title and we don't mystically add colons to Japanese titles like we do to English titles.

Also, that colon after Biohazard is the ugliest thing ever, but what are you gonna do, I guess roll

Probably missing, or probably that disc is the same as the eBay one? I noticed that entry, but it doesn't have Español as the language. But I guess it being a Spanish import doesn't mean it's a different version with Español in the game, or even that the person selling it knows what s/he is talking about tongue


Has anyone dumped that yet? I don't see it on Redump or on the list of missing PAL games. I ask because it says Spanish import in the listing.

I don't see it on the missing list. But, shouldn't there be one? We have v1.01 in the database.


And it's marked 0-01 on the discs. There might be a 0-00 out there somewhere... at least worth adding with a (?) at the end maybe.


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Whenever I've used DIC, I've always received a message that C2 errors are not set and that if any exist, the rip could be inaccurate. Should I do anything about this? I have a PX-716A.


https://gamefaqs.akamaized.net/box/2/9/ … _front.jpg
https://i.ebayimg.com/images/g/RiEAAOSw … -l1600.jpg

Not a mention of "Looney Tunes" in the title anywhere. Where does it come from? Just because it's a game with Looney Tunes characters? That doesn't make it part of the title :<

Okay, question about another audio disc comment.


"Last 48 bytes of Track 25 filled with 00"

This comment, respectfully, makes no sense. The last 48 bytes are not filled with 00. The disc was created with a +18 offset. If you rip the disc with a +30 offset, then sure, you'll have some extra silent samples, but... they're extra. Why would you increase the offset further than the actual data on the disc exists?

+18 is a ridiculously common offset. Off the top of my head, basically every King Records CD ever has an offset of +18. Why do people insist on ripping every CD with the same offset? That's only taking their drive's offset into account, and there are always two offsets to take into account: the offset of your drive, AND the offset of the drive that created the CD. Most of the time we can't know the offset of the mastering drive, but sometimes we can.

I don't understand this personally. You just introduce silent samples by doing it this way, and you miss non-silent samples on other CDs such as La Pucelle by not adjusting the offset further. What's the point of this - for everyone to get the same incorrect results?

Not samples, sample offset. The part in EAC called "read sample offset correction". For every one unit you change that by, 75 sectors are affected, right? Or no?

The comment is epically confusing hmm


"Missing data in Lead-out Zone. Should be dump with +75 sector offset due to desync issue."

As an owner of this CD and somebody who actually knows how to use EAC, I know that there is data further than the typical "global offset" used by everyone to dump every CD on the planet. What's confusing is that the comment says it needs 75 sectors. Unless I've really started to forget stuff, 75 sectors is +1 to the sample offset in EAC, right? If so, that's incorrect, because this disc needs +2 to the usual sample offset. For example, with my Plextor PX-716A which has a +30 offset, I need to rip this CD with a +32 offset in EAC to catch every sample.

I totally missed this response, sorry. Just thought about using it again now and it's working! Thanks a bunch big_smile this is really nice.


I plan to buy that game someday... but that day could be quite a ways off given its price. I can say that I WILL buy it one day, but I can't promise, or even guess, as to when that will be. If someone is impatient, by all means... just don't beat me on any eBay auctions lol

Hmm, well, I don't know actually. It sounds like a demo because it's a beta, but maybe that's a strange name for a full version of the game that you could play publicly. I've also never played one. There are plenty of games marked inconsistently on the site, but it's possible they're not actually demos.

Oh wow, I forgot to add stuff to the database tongue I'll do that soon.

Also, don't those public betas belong in the demos section?

Sooooo... what's this? lol


https://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/915821- … /762789110

It appears FIFA 13 might also be the same case

https://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/671331- … 3/64167924

but I can't find a single copy of that one on eBay, listed or sold. These games are, to say the least, absurdly rare, but maybe the NTSC versions actually do exist. Here's something else.



Hmm, interesting info. Yes, it would be a lot of work (and money!) to hunt for more alternate versions. I'll be happy enough if we can at least have some version of every game.

Gundam arrived today, so I'll do the dump and scans, and then submit it as well as other NTSC-J stuff I've been too lazy to add, probably tomorrow. Then all that will be left is DDR X2, which... is a real pain.

I'm not going to edit the wiki, but some of those seem really pointless. There's a colossal amount of games that only have v1.01, v1.02, v1.03 etc so the guesses as to some games having a v1.00 seem really random. Ringcodes are also way more often pointless than they are an actual indication of anything. The vast majority of games with different ringcode numbers don't actually end up having different versions.

I've also looked at the data of all the games with versions higher than 1.xx that don't have a v1.xx and the only one that blatantly stood out to me as having a 1.xx is NHL Hitz 20-02 because that game's EXE date matches it's release date. It would have to have been pretty fresh out of the factory for that to be possible wink Outside of that, I saw no reason to suspect anything, but I'm not going to change the wiki if you like having those notations up there. They don't hurt anything. I was just trying to understand them.

One thing I am interested in though: the Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition v2.00. Guessing a v1.xx is one thing, but guessing at a v2.xx is another entirely. Are you thinking Greatest Hits or something? Or maybe you downloaded one from the internet once? That's how I knew there was a v1.xx for Bloody Roar 3 Japan.


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Nothing's wrong with Ar Tonelico, I was using it as an example of how we handle furigana. 創造詩 is Souzou Uta, or "creation song" basically, but that string of kanji is written as "Metafalica", and no, those kanji don't also have those pronunciations tongue It's because under the kanji, メタファリカ is written. That's furigana. It tells you how something is supposed to be pronounced. It pretty much completely overrides any expected pronunciation of the word.

120% has furigana as well, フルパワー. That means "Full Power" is the pronunciation of "120%". So, if we include both, that would be like writing Ar Tonelico's title as

Ar tonelico II: Sekai ni Hibiku Shoujo-tachi no Souzou Uta (Metafalica)

which wouldn't be wrong I guess, but we didn't do that. So we should decide how we want to do this, basically.

I wasn't able to win that DDR X2 auction (went for over $60 after shipping) and another copy has popped up for another $60, so if anyone's in a hurry to have the game dumped, go for it tongue I am planning to buy the game one day, but not for that price. I'm going to try getting lucky, as the game is fairly low priority for me at the moment.

btw, Jackal, I don't understand some of the notes on the wiki.

SCUS-97104  ATV Offroad Fury - v2.0*? (PDSS-000146A1   3)
SLUS-20729  ESPN College Hoops - v1.03?
SLUS-20923  KOF: Maximum Impact - v1.00?
SLUS-20214  State of Emergency - v1.00?
SLUS-20977  Virtua Quest - v1.00?

Is there a reason to believe any of these versions exist?

SLUS-20421  Battlestar Galactica - v1.00
SLUS-20298  High Heat Major League Baseball 2003 - v1.03
SLUS-20242  Legends of Wrestling - v1.00
SLUS-21029  Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition - v2.00
SLUS-20140  NHL Hitz 20-02 - 031719268344 - Version 1.01

These don't have question marks. Are these confirmed somehow?

SLUS-20946  Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - PDSS-015486 = v2.0*?
This was apparently bought and dumped as 3.00? http://redump.org/disc/6377/

SLUS-21412  World Championship Poker featuring Howard Lederer: All In (SLUS 21412F PDSS-024905 *BOUGHT*)
This has a dump by you and someone else, remove it from the wiki? http://redump.org/disc/19352/

Interesting, thanks for some of the modifiers. It would be great if you could implement modifiers for Category and Edition big_smile

Is there any way to do this? I'd like a search that returns only Games in PS2, for example, so no Demos or other stuff. Or, maybe I'd like only Original editions, or only Greatest Hits, etc. Maybe I want to combine the two. Is there any way to do this? And if not, is it possible?

And on that subject, what are the search modifiers? For example,
searches only for discs in America. There is a link to click to add this modifier to the URL for you, but there must be other modifiers that don't have handy links. What are they?


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It's really hard to tell if this is actually furigana or not. On the spine of the game, it appears to be.


That matches other cases where kana characters have been used as furigana. However, it also looks like they just ran out of room tongue We do this for Ar Tonelico II as well though.


https://gamefaqs.akamaized.net/box/2/1/ … _front.jpg

So I think fuzzball is right. Probably remove the "120%" from the English title, and the フルパワー from the Japanese title, if we want to stay consistent with how we handled the furigana for Ar Tonelico II.

IRC? Nope, I just got back into this again. I never use programs like IRC haha XD just funny timing.

Yeah, I'll buy DDR X2, but I've never heard of a $15 USD copy. They typically sell for $60 or more. Ah, but looking at that link, that was disc only. I'm actually interested in owning DDR X2 (it will complete my DDR collection), so I'd like a complete copy. That will cost me a fair chunk of change, but I'll get it eventually, and the USA set will finally at least have every individual game.

Schrodinger, I'll keep an eye out on that auction, thanks. I doubt it will go for anything remotely near that price (and also it's $20 shipping where I live), but if I can get it for a good price I'll jump on it.

Wow, this thread. Forgot all about this. I updated things that we've done in the past year and a half. Thanks to everyone that contributes to this project!

As for me, I've gone and ordered one of the two completely missing games, Gundam vs. Zeta Gundam [SLUS 20821]. I'll be doing a full set of scans as well, since this one's expensive and I'm planning to sell it back immediately after I'm done with it. I can post the scans in the forum somewhere. I think that would help to verify that I'm not just downloading an ISO from somewhere (can you even download this ISO? lol ) and then faking some tech data.

F1ReB4LL wrote:

2 sectors could be either read worse than the rest due to some light scratch/dirt/dust

I've already said the entire game, every part of it, is mint condition :S Case, booklet, obi, disc; it looks like I removed it from the shrinkwrap myself.

F1ReB4LL wrote:

or read properly, but  incorrectly "fixed" afterwards by the old subchannels-fixing algorithm.

An algorithm that incorrectly "fixes" pregaps... when it wants to? If it's an algorithm, why doesn't it happen all the time? If the program is coded to behave this way with pregaps between data and audio sessions (tracks 1&2), then how do you explain that every other type of this CD I've ever dumped with this version never did that? If this algorithm is coded to work this way and the dumps for those CDs came out correctly, then the Ridge Racer CD must have also turned out correctly, because that's the way this algorithm works.

Anyway, I downloaded subdump, but have no idea how to use it. Does it want a disc, or does it want a file? And if so, which file? Do I give it a full image dump? And if so, which image? DIC creates multiple full image dumps, I believe 2 of them that are both the same size but have different file extensions.

Where can I get CloneCD?