Bah, I'd linked to the wrong disc XD I fixed that link.

Here's the DAT file's contents.

        <rom name="image (Track 01).bin" size="3671472" crc="ad208351" md5="e169b3d4395f17afe1b26deb2ecc4184" sha1="d493197f3a0eb8c67f1347515a675975359bd2d7"/>
        <rom name="image (Track 02).bin" size="56415072" crc="0ad1d484" md5="218bb23cbd817472983fe2ea9352e915" sha1="f84ffe2d5e57bc0e05715c50b5d1c62b0fcec5fe"/>
        <rom name="image (Track 03).bin" size="48500592" crc="a6a485d8" md5="3e3a8b5ff10f69c2685866caeccadf2e" sha1="6bb4430c2ba1fe7de512708585500a7de2b0a041"/>
        <rom name="image (Track 04).bin" size="56567952" crc="cc628c6d" md5="1f4ce7fecd51179c7519e793ad5c4b81" sha1="d11e757b26d3013e2acbde52672251f4cf82b53d"/>
        <rom name="image (Track 05).bin" size="57640464" crc="4c5b7aa3" md5="f597693a732a4ada6004a161575852c6" sha1="2f25072e85b2d6839a35ba7fc69a37c3e4cf91a9"/>
        <rom name="image (Track 06).bin" size="54481728" crc="2b23b76b" md5="3ddfbdd9e117de1299c8bf7d8f1ab9b4" sha1="11a46d904684bfbd40b79059cded05cb89ca6fc3"/>
        <rom name="image (Track 07).bin" size="53670288" crc="958ffa28" md5="615f05d45ca1037dfaf963658204def7" sha1="7a3f2753b22b4aa78f4cc8ff4fc70e22b56ff90c"/>
        <rom name="image (Track 08).bin" size="21523152" crc="2c62eb8a" md5="fc66a3124188328b8d9a7a67264f0b48" sha1="3820997047510fb8058eec50fc4e2756538d9e78"/>
        <rom name="image (Track 09).bin" size="13629840" crc="4419980f" md5="0027959a80e5d8b787543186d7c47165" sha1="903dc3864dcfee190a127d667ff09ffeea7780cb"/>
        <rom name="image (Track 10).bin" size="2065056" crc="d15f4f67" md5="b3c9862715973f5cc1a36640e608b86d" sha1="6cd853f5eab284077afa974f06eac9c2731fd931"/>
        <rom name="image (Track 11).bin" size="21878304" crc="5a12f52f" md5="ac7b42be519c7e04cf2171ad7c015a83" sha1="eb21b68fb0b4f2ccc1a53d22d964fb8328f25c47"/>
        <rom name="image (Track 12).bin" size="17449488" crc="7a141b83" md5="20569601781c24eb7a4da8d627319ae8" sha1="f56d4c39e171145a6bbb14a2e35e232f262d6e70"/>
        <rom name="image (Track 13).bin" size="26610528" crc="c7790790" md5="3f8140d05383b095cc3e78a9b1cb32d9" sha1="fe9dd4c0658044ecdeebc8b44a0ce6c88a1617c8"/>

Upon further inspection, it seems that my CRCs match up starting at track 3. This means that tracks 1 and 2 are the culprits. Furthermore, track 1 has a size of 3671472 when it should be 3666768. This is an increase of 4704 bytes, which is exactly 2 sectors. Track 2 has a size of 56415072 when it should be 56419776. This is a decrease of 4704 bytes. Combined with the fact that the filesizes and hashes match up from that point on, it makes sense that the total file is the same, since the size differences offset each other in the first two files.

So now my question is wtf DIC, I guess. I'm literally doing nothing different from ripping all of my CDs and none of them have done this to me. Why is this one behaving in such a manner?

Hi guys, I just got some games in a package today and one of them is the Japanese version of Ridge Racer, SLPS 00001. I've checked my total image size and CRC and they match the info in the database, but NONE of my other hashes or even file sizes match. EVERYTHING is off. I'm dumping with a PX-716A with the most updated firmware using DIC, and I've completed the dump twice. Both times the dump was successful, gave me identical CRC/filesize values, and had 1 error just like I'm seeing on the database (sector 1550 or 1558, can't remember which). The date for the EXE file on my disc also matches the database, so it's very mysterious. What is perhaps the biggest part of this mystery is that this disc is PERFECT. Like, guys, this entire game is in A+ grade condition, looks like I pulled it out of the shrink wrap myself; the case, the booklet, the obi, the disc... everything.

I'd like to get this problem solved, because I never have mismatches with this database, and apparently three different people have all come up with the same values as each other in the database. There's a whole mess of log files and stuff that DIC leaves behind when it's done, so please let me know which files I can supply here so that someone might be able to troubleshoot this for me. It's so utterly bizarre that I can't even chalk it up to a version different, although I guess it could be? It's truly just... bizarre.

F1ReB4LL wrote:

Yes, gone. -- no visits since 2010 and no db engine modifications from him since, dunno, 2007 or 2008.

And he was the only coder? Redump has not a single coder now? Well, then, it's no wonder we're in so much trouble here. Alright, well, I guess nevermind this then, at least until you get a new coder.

EDIT: Oh, and then iR0b0t ninja'd me big_smile

That SUCKS man. I'm sorry to hear that. But I'm so glad to know that somebody has considered the verification form! I wish I knew anything about website/net coding. I know some C++, some Java, and a hell of a lot of AHK (lol), but I wouldn't know what I'm doing around these systems and it's moot because I'm new here and rightly wouldn't be considered for the position. But thanks for your responses you guys, I just love this website and want to see it make progress.

I'll seriously mull a form template over. Probably harder to come up with one than I think, but if we got one up even for one or two consoles it would be a huge improvement. I think nobody should bother with PC, since it's a gigantic mess, but at least some of the older PlayStation consoles should be possible.

Heh, sorry, I actually missed your post entirely, so none of that was directed towards you. "You guys" was poor general phrasing for anyone that is rejecting the ideas.

I see what you're saying, definitely. Even if the original people are gone though, it doesn't preclude the possibility of somebody on the current staff being able to code some new stuff for the website. Neither of us know anything regarding that, but it would surprise me a little that a website would be maintained without anyone on the staff with some coding knowledge.

MigaMan wrote:

Withholding dumps to try and force them to change their process
you're using your discs as leverage

What are you talking about? I'm not submitting dumps because I simply see no reason to go through all the effort of formatting 300+ of them into posts with bold and color markups when the posts will sit there and never get processed. Why do literally days' worth of work that will never see the light of day? It's ridiculous, there's absolutely zero incentive for me to go through all that work. And you're saying that if I triple my personal workload and do a bunch of scans and crap that will give the mods even MORE busywork to process per dump, THEN they will actually want to process the dumps? Not only does that make no sense at all, I didn't know it was my job to make the mods/admins interested in their own project, but I think I'll pass.

I appreciate that you want to look good by defending the mods/admins, but you're defending complacency with a broken system. It doesn't make you look good. There's no onus on you to say "I'm okay with the broken-ass way the project is right now", it's fine if you take a step back, look at it, and go "yeah, wow, this is ridiculous, virtually nothing ever gets done around here." Some people may say you're "complaining", others realize you're just pointing out the truth. But if you think you have some high ground to take and you want to tell me to put more work in so that not only will 300 verification posts will sit for years, but hours worth of scans along with them, then go ahead and make yourself look "good", but I have to tell you, it's not working; you don't look good doing it.

I don't know why you guys are rejecting the simple fact that this can be improved. It's like no one wants to step on anyone's toes and point out that the way things are being done isn't working, but it's not working. HUNDREDS of verifications, if not thousands, sit around endlessly. Why do we think it's chic to say "yeah you'll get used to it" rather than say "hey here's a legitimate idea to fix it"? Lame.

EDIT: By the way, this isn't about anyone being a "nice guy" or otherwise. iR0b0t is a perfectly fine fellow. F1ReB4LL is a perfectly fine fellow. Shout out to all the mods I missed too. I have nothing against you as individuals who have conducted themselves in whatever fashion around others on a message board; you've been courteous enough, and that's all well and good. This just isn't about person A or B being "nice", it's about getting something gosh-darn done around here. We ALL know that this system sucks. Come on, who around here doesn't know that? Show of hands right now. I don't mean this as any kind of attack on anybody and if it's taken that way, then that's a shame and you're missing the point, which is to get this site moving into the future.

I'm not making "threats" or whatever other crap you can call it, I'm giving you a simple truth: given the way the system works right now, there is no reason for me to go through literal DAYS of work on my personal time, which is not endless, to submit a bunch of stuff that could possibly NEVER be processed. Not "processed in three months" or "processed in two years", NEVER PROCESSED. It's completely possible and we all know it. How is it then worth anyone's time to submit anything other than a new disc here? This is all I'm saying. I want submissions to be processed, and not to make myself feel good, or to make blahblah person feel good, to contribute to Redump and get this great site rolling. Hasn't it been long enough that we all complain and nothing gets done? Let's change something, man.

I kind of don't believe that. Someone coded what we have now on this website. Is that person gone? Doesn't this project belong to all the same people that have been around forever? And if they have time to add new discs and a verification every now and then, they have time to code the forms, even if it's over the course of a long time and they do almost nothing else with the site. Sure the site slows down even more for a time, but the result is that it speeds up tremendously FOREVER, PERMANENTLY.

If my data isn't going to get processed, I'm not submitting it, it's as simple as that. And if I'm not going to submit any data other than new discs that will never get verified by anyone else, then I wonder why I'm even here to a certain point. So I don't know what you mean by I have to "live with" it. Does that mean just kind of "exist" on the site and check it from time to time and nothing gets done? I don't know why I'd do that over suggest changes that can actually be implemented with not even that much difficulty and make this entire site move into the future. Why would I not do that and instead just go "oh waaah never gonna change oh well." That's what everyone else is doing and so we stay here. At least I'm trying to get something improved. If they don't improve it, whatever, but I also don't have to "live with" it or accept it, I can just not contribute, because right now not contributing is about the same thing as contributing.

*shrug* I don't know why the mods/admins reject ideas that can literally change their website for an entire positive. It's like they don't want to make any progress. I understand that verifications are boring and that people have lives, that why I'm trying to get something in place that will help remedy that a million times over. When there's little to no response about it, it looks like the mods/admins plain don't care about their own project, so then why should I?

Okay, so anything that requires a log, check manually. Everything else... just create a submission form for it man, dang, seriously. Everyone around here is frustrated with verifications that literally go back years—the users and the mods/admins. We're frustrated that we spent time contributing to the website and the work never got processed, meaning we essentially wasted our time, and mods/admins are frustrated that they have to hear about it. Well then change something, seriously, and this can't be that hard. It honestly can't be. It would look a heck of a lot like the new disc submission form for any given platform, and you enter the data in there and the system does all the comparing for you. If there's a discrepancy in any data, the submission is flagged and a mod/admin can then check it himself. In fact, this could also work for anything requiring a log: you just add a section for the log to be submitted/uploaded!

Redump is only as stagnant as it is for poor reasons, honestly. This can be remedied, and you wouldn't have to put nearly as much time into implementing the remedy as you would doing the verifications one-by-one throughout all the rest of time, which, obviously, is the point—to save time. I have something like 300+ verifications to add and I haven't done jack because I honestly think it will be a waste of time and that's sad, because then why are we here? Just to contribute new discs and not have any of the data verified because "it's boring"?

Come on guys, this problem has a solution.

What logs are these? For specific systems only? I don't remember ever being told to supply log information anywhere for verifications on this site.

And what goes into evaluating these logs? Is there a consistent way to spot errors across the logs? Certain tracker sites have a system in place to automatically evaluate EAC logs, because the output is the same all the time, and so certain things should look a certain way. I can't imagine any logs you guys read are any more arbitrary and require specific human attention; couldn't you write something similar to evaluate any of these logs for you?

Yeah, happened to me with TimeSplitters as well, which was a really weird case because neither version is Greatest Hits so it was quite hidden (I believe Dark Cloud 2 and Champions Return to Arms are like this as well). So, MigaMan is absolutely right, it's worth it to dump all of your stuff just in case you discover something we still don't know about. As much stuff as we have, it still happens.

It's quite a project big_smile I think I'm up-to-date with my collection, but formatting the data into a post and submitting it is another story.

I'm just curious. I apologize if the staff is getting tired of hearing about how many verifications have been lying around since <insert year here> and blah blah and this isn't meant to be one of those topics, I just wonder why the staff essentially force a gigantic burden upon themselves, ultimately generating the large backlog there is now. Wouldn't it make more sense to have a form a user can submit to that has all the fields you need to fill out for your dump? And then the system just checks all the entered data against the existing data. That way you guys don't have to go through 3847398335 of them manually one-by-one. If there is a data discrepancy, then the submission can be flagged.

It just seems like this would really help all parties involved, but maybe I'm dumb and don't understand a reason, which is only why I ask in my curiosity smile

Well, this site is called Redump because of verifications, actually, not because you personally dump a disc twice or more like it may seem. The idea behind verifications is that it proves a particular hash for a particular version of a game to be error-free, because for two people to get a matching erroneous hash with two different physical objects dumped by two different physical drives is nigh impossible. Of course, this phenomenon is technically possible, and so the more people that have dumped media and reported the exact same hash, the less we fear that matching errors actually occurred because the odds of that happening become astronomically more impossible with each matching hash.

From what I understand about this site's mentality, you should ideally submit a dump for everything you have. Of course, dumps that verify an image can be viewed as the "most important" (along with new dumps perhaps, because somebody has to have something to verify), but it doesn't devalue dumps for media that already have two matching dumps. It won't make the existing dump more "clean", as you put it, if the existing dump is already clean, but it gives people more assurance that if they get the same hash value for a dump they produce from any particular media, then their dump is clean.

So I take that it would be a lot of work to add a whole new field to the form and stuff? Since every game has this info (unless there are one or two incredibly odd cases), it should be its own field, but I'm not the person that would have to code it so obviously it's easy for me to sit back and recommend stuff.

And the Genteiban games still have a number before the original releases in many cases, and are often released the same day.

Yep. NTSC-J genteiban games typically have a serial number one value lower than the normal edition, and sometimes the disc EXE file uses the corresponding serial number, but not always. Nippon Ichi games stay true to the actual serial number, but I believe the Shirogane no Torikago genteiban version uses SLPM-66150 in the disc, while its actual number is SLPM-66149.

I believe there was also some weird thing with The Plan where the EXE serial number was completely different than the actual serial number for no apparent reason. I don't have the image anymore, but I'm pretty sure that was the case. EDIT: Aha, it is indeed that game because the number we're reporting as the "serial number" in our entry is actually bogus in one sense, The Plan has the number SLUS-21618 everywhere in writing and only SLUS-21466 in the actual EXE file. We should have an Internal Serial field so this isn't as confusing wink tongue

Would this be a feasible thing to add? I keep seeing dumps added with the Internal Serial added as a comment, and it occurred to me that literally every PS2 game in existence has an internal serial number (that may not always match up with the serial number on the box!), and so why add it in the comments if it's global across every game on the system? I think it's good information, but I actually never think to do it myself; it's just not part of my submission habit. If the field were there, though, then I as well as other people would certainly notice it.

So yeah, can we add that field for PS2 games? smile

Aaaaah, sorry about that, I always forget those identifiers (mostly, I don't care about them). Next time I'll try hard to remember them, although next time will be really far off from now and I'll probably forget by then... hmm Thank you for adding them.

And tossEAC, no problem, Mai-Otome looked like a cool game and I believe I won it for a dollar so I couldn't pass it up.

Have they all been added? With this set, I see Beatmania II DX 10th Style and Mai-Otome HiME have been added, but that's not quite the order I did things: in between those two should be GFDM Masterpiece Silver, and after Mai-Otome should be Beatmania II DX 12.

The reason I ask is because there was once an issue with my Puyo Puyo Fever dump where I was pretty sure it was added, but it either disappeared or never actually made it. Since there's a gap and a missing dump, and it seems the site has moved on to adding other types of dumps, I'm just making sure that everything registered smile

*crickets chirp*


Now I'm curious about this too. Never seen this on a game before, I took for granted that a blue dot really indicates an unverified game.

...ah. Well, that explains that one then XD

Out of curiosity, does its hash match mine? big_smile

Okay, I might PM ir0b0t, but right now I'm leaning towards database glitch based on what tossEAC shared in his recent post and also another experience of mine: way before I even joined this site, I used it for years just to check my own discs and stuff. I very clearly remember a Flame of Recca Final Burning dump being on the site because it was literally the first NTSC-J game I ever got and I remember being excited to see it on the database. But last year, I did an entire database check at some point against my own collection to see if things were kosher between the two, and I discovered that dump had disappeared. I'm actually the one that added it back in.

I'm getting ready to submit some more games (no errors this time, for reals) so I'll just add my Puyo Puyo Fever dump back, no biggie. But if there are database glitches, someone should look into that yikes

Yeah, thanks. I know I submitted it. But anyway, I still have more new NTSC-J PS2 games to submit, so no biggie if I have to fill out a form for Puyo Puyo Fever again while I'm doing those, just don't want to make any duplicate entries.

? No, Puyo Puyo Fever is a DVD game I dumped like a year ago or so. The wrong offset was done just yesterday for Street Fighter EX3. I discovered Puyo Puyo Fever was missing because I was submitting Puyo Puyo Fever 2, and I was going to be lazy and get most of the Japanese title from the first game's entry - that's when I discovered it wasn't there.

The wrong offset was only because I haven't dumped stuff in like 6 months or something :S but I've since gone over everything I've done recently and I haven't made any other errors.

Oh shoot, sorry, forgot to do the math there, you're right. It's +1. My bad :S

So does anyone know if it was hidden or not, and why it would be? It's definitely a good rip. I can give you pictures of the item if you want, I do own it. If no one knows the answer as to why it's not in the database, it's easy enough for me to resubmit it, I just don't want to have a double entry or anything.

I dumped it quite a long time ago, here's the info.

System                  Sony PlayStation 2
Media                   DVD-5
Category                Games
Region                  Japan
Serial                  SLPM 65532
EXE Date                2003-12-15
Version                 1.01
Edition                 Original
Barcode                 4 974365 830588
Sectors                 875584
Size                    1793196032
CRC-32                  c77874d1
MD5                     7002490dc70c26c245b2ca0dd17d6ade
SHA-1                   979c39db06cb8fadf13478d49ff0e95732959e33
Mastering Code          SLPM-65532    1
Mastering SID Code      <null>
Toolstamp               <null>
Mould SID Code          45T9

Any reason why it would be removed or something?