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Thank you, I've registered now and I'm working on the list of dumps. I have a couple questions about CD-based PS2 games if that's alright.

1. What is "Errors Count"? Just how many errors I had during extraction, or something particular?
2. What about "Pregap" for CDs that are only 1 track? EAC can't detect gaps and the dumping guide doesn't mention anything.
3. I am using a Plextor PX716-A and the px_d8_1.01A to determine "Write offset". When I used it on Ridge Racer V, I get the following returned.

Sector: 0
MSF: 00:02:02
Combined offset: -2468 bytes / -617 samples

I mostly do not know what to do with this information. Sector 0 is because of what I typed into the command prompt to use the program. I assume I want to use the -617 value for the "Write offset" field. However, I don't know what offset the px_d8 program itself has. Should I also subtract another 30 to make it -647? Also, what about MSF?

This will help me submit data as accurately as possible.

EDIT: Also, one more question: given that I am probably submitting 250+ dumps, should I post them all in a thread, or maybe attach a zip file or something that has txt files for them? It's whatever is easier for the staff.