Thanks for submitting these verifications. PS2 Bonus Demo Jan 2002 does not have all the ring data in the downloaded file. Please post the data in this forum post.


Thanks for the info DrDopplerX3. Can you check for an additional IFPI xxxx code, located on the other side of the disc?

I will gladly help sadiyko get acclimated to the system here.


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Please verify the mastering code is Sony DADC    A0100257302-0101    75. Or is it DADC AUSTRIA    A0100257302-0101    75 ?



This dump is bad, please polish disc and redump again with DIC.

Please recheck the mould code for this disc, should be 45xx somewhere there.

Thanks for the PVD info. Please submit verifications for the entries that you are not listed as a dumper (there are a few in the above listing). I'll add these as I have time.

Thanks for confirming.

Please confirm this Mastering Code:

Madden NFL 97 (Europe)
Barcode: 5 030935 010619 >
SID Code: IFPI L555
Mastering Code: DADC AUSTRIA  A0100199085-0101   15
Toolstamp: A2
Mould SID Code: IFPI 946A
Additional Mould Text: *

DB has DADC AUSTRIA   A0100166085-0101   15


Bonus Demo 5 (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It) (SCED-51940)

Mould SID Code: IFPI   ????

Hi tosseac!

Do the DVD-5 Mould SID Codes really have "IFPI" in them?

Also, the PVDs would be helpful for the entries that do not have them already.

Now that I am home again, I'll start clearing out the backlog of old PS2 verifications.

Thanks for the submissions.


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I looked at the differences between your info and existing info for A Sangre Fría CD1 (Spain) Platinum and found that your dump has 1 EDC error that existing one does not have. Can you possibly dump that disc with isobuster to see if it matches your original DIC dump?

Also, can you provide the barcode for these two discs (A Sangre Fría - Platinum edition) ?


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Your first and second PVD entry are incorrect, so please recheck all these PVDs. Please submit the DIC logs for these discs.


Please submit DIC logs.


Hi Egen! Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

It was changed at the request of saolin, who redumped it and stated that it is the Shokai Seisanban edition of this disc. Saolin also said SLPM-65600 was in clear art package, when  verified SLPM-65600.

Also, as far as the serial id naming goes: 

SLPM 65599 (Genteiban) - Limited edition
SLPM 65600 (Shokai Seisanban) - 1st print edition
SLPM 65656 (Regular edition) - Regular edition

So the serials go in the correct order for these editions.

Also if you look at Konami's release of PS2 the Best release,  they don't typically use Genteiban or Shokai Seisanban's serial for PS2 the Best releases. The PS2 the Best edition (SLPM 74213) has been dumped already and it had internal serial number SLPM 65656.

As far as internet sources go: - stated as Shokai Seisanban - stated as regular edition

All being told, Konami made this one confusing release by not printing the edition anywhere. I can see why it could have been called Original edition previously.

Hope this helps!

Going to need more information for these verifications Kosty.
Here is an example:

Nickelodeon Tak: The Great Juju Challenge (PAL, Australia, Original)

Disc ID: SLES-53418/ANZ

Mastering Code: Sony DADC   A0100629621-A511   17
SID Code: IFPI L557
Toolstamp: C00
Mould SID Code (media side): IFPI 653E
Mould SID Code (label side if it exists on disc): IFPI 653F
EXE date: 2005-07-29
Version: 1.00
Edition: Original
Barcode: 4 005209 069052

Size: 1944584192
CRC32: da5f38ca
MD5: a831f3951d99cbacc182ebb7e166c73a
SHA1: 1f6278c2dcef968c120a81df421d76a112f2732e

Use this as a template. Thanks!


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I added your verification for ps2. you have dumper status now.

Yes, let's start with the logs. Post a link to them here (no img or scm files)


Hi escarlata!
Please redump in a new directory with DIC and post the log files and complete psxt001z and edccchk printouts.
This line is quite strange:
     EDC in Form 2 sectors: YES
This disc has no EDC and also the exe date is missing in your psxt001z printout.
Do you have a plextor drive? If so, which model?


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Please post the ring codes for Technomage, as they seem to be missing.



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Thanks for the help with the naming of that title, much appreciated.

Hello Jason! Good to see you are helping out here!

Look forward to your contributions!


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I find for psx-j that:

edccchk v1.26 errors+warnings count = CDMage error count

For PS1 and PS2 CDROM discs:
Discimagecreator cd cd_drive file.bin 8 /c2

replace cd_drive with your Plextor drive letter (don't forget the colon!)
replace file.bin with your filename

Of course don't forget the path to Discimagecreator (and use "" for any path with spaces in it)

I have also dumped this disc and the dump agrees with the other 3 dumpers. Check if the tracks are out of order in the .dat file that DIC generates. It happens occasionally for multitrack dumps. Post the .dat file contents.