Yes, that was the one I was talking about .

ekim, you never answered my questions from Please provide the requested info so I can add your dump.


Do you have the barcode for this disc?


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Thanks for the submission. Please verify exe date is 2004-04-12 and also get the error count.

Thanks for going back and getting the full ringcodes for these dumps. Much appreciated!

OK, I'll bite...who dumped them? how? logs?

Thanks for the info and the box and disc pics, much appreciated!

Please post the DIC logs for this new disc. Also need to know if CD,DVD-5, DVD-9. Also version, edition, languages, exe date. Please read DVD dumping guide in wiki. Thanks!

open isobuster image->select track 1->block out region 320-370->click copy icon at top->paste


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Thanks for info Ekim. Will add this once you get dumper status.

Thanks Chook! Can you verify languages are English, Polish, Czech, Russian & Hungarian. Also, same issue with PVD here too.


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Thanks Chook! Can you pull the PVD data again with isobuster and post here.


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Need more info. Where is rest of the ring? Sony DADC?  Mastering SID Code? Toolstamp? Mould code? Look for toolstamp and mould code on inside hub of data side of disc.


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Please verify toolstamp for EA Sports Fight Night Round 3.

Thanks for the info!


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Please verify exe date is 2002-09-20.

Thanks for the info!


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I spoke to Jackal about these results and the conclusion is these are not libcrypt at all. I changed the previous Blaze entries to reflect this.

For Cheat Master Volume 3, where are the hashes?

Also, is language English only for all these discs?

Thanks for the interesting discs!


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Fixed, Thanks!


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Could use some scans of the disc front and box if possible.

Thanks for these!

There is a toolstamp, it is B01.

Thanks for those pics!

Thanks for the submission!

Please confirm  exe date (date of SCUS_974.38 file in isobuster with local time stamp set) is 2004-04-21. Any toolstamp on disc (small number stamped on ring)?

Also can you provide a picture or scan of front of entire disc and sleeve (if you have it), as there is not much info out there on this demo.


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I-Ninja: Please verify exe date is 2003-09-04 and error count=0. Also need version info.

Online Start-up Disc 4: Added new serial to

Thanks for the submissions!


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Nice work olo and very easy to follow!


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Going to need more information for these verifications Kosty.
Here is an example:

Nickelodeon Tak: The Great Juju Challenge (PAL, Australia, Original)

Disc ID: SLES-53418/ANZ

Mastering Code: Sony DADC   A0100629621-A511   17
SID Code: IFPI L557
Toolstamp: C00
Mould SID Code (media side): IFPI 653E
Mould SID Code (label side if it exists on disc): IFPI 653F
EXE date: 2005-07-29
Version: 1.00
Edition: Original
Barcode: 4 005209 069052

Size: 1944584192
CRC32: da5f38ca
MD5: a831f3951d99cbacc182ebb7e166c73a
SHA1: 1f6278c2dcef968c120a81df421d76a112f2732e

Use this as a template. Thanks!


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I added your verification for ps2. you have dumper status now.