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Did not get anti-mod screen on PSX1.13 for Ore no Shikabane wo Koete Yuke (Japan)

Did get it for Saru! Get You! (Japan) (v1.0), (v1.1), (Demo)

I used command line version and program did detect the function in the Saru! games.


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http://problemkaputt.de/psx-spx.htm#cdr … alcohol120

sarami wrote:
F1ReB4LL wrote:

Jackal recently had problems with a disc with twin-sectors protection and DIC, it wasn't able to read them (twin-sectors) properly.

Yes, I know. As redump.org, if a ripping guide with other tools is created, I can code in DIC in the same way as it.

MrX_Cuci wrote:

Seems Alcohol 120% does the trick: http://www.cdmediaworld.com/hardware/cd … tech.shtml Filetypes supported for RingProtech: http://support.alcohol-soft.com/knowled … ge+Formats

Thanks! This is very useful.
BTW, I want to support a mds/mdf file in the future, but I don't understand a correct specification of mds.
I know this document.
If somebody knows it anything else, could you tell me?


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On test disk, DIC gave following cue file back:

FILE "Angelique Special (Track 1).bin" BINARY
  TRACK 01 MODE98/2352
    INDEX 01 00:00:00
FILE "Angelique Special (Track 2).bin" BINARY
  TRACK 02 MODE98/2352
    INDEX 00 00:00:00
    INDEX 01 05:25:62
FILE "Angelique Special (Track 3).bin" BINARY
  TRACK 03 MODE98/2352
    INDEX 00 00:00:00
    INDEX 01 00:02:00

logs: http://www.mediafire.com/download/okslo … c/dic2.rar

dump entry: http://redump.org/disc/34592/



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Shanghai - Matekibuyu now correctly dumps and gives the proper pregaps. Thanks!


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Tried new version on  Shanghai - Matekibuyu  in an effort to get a proper dump and got two sets of dumps, all the regular tracks and all the tracks appended with (subs indexes). In info file, had message:

LBA[016448, 0x04040], Track[05]: Subchannel & TOC isn't sync. LBA on TOC[16598, 0x40d6], index[01]

which coincides with the track i am having the issue with.

I need some help understanding what the proper title is for SLPS-02834/35/36/37.
The title according to sources on the internet is:

Tokyo Majin Gakuen: Kenpuu Chou Emaki

This set appears to be a compilation set of:
SLPS-01432,SLPS-01433 (hashes match)
http://redump.org/disc/16653/ Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuuchou (Disc 1) (You)
http://redump.org/disc/16654/ Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuuchou (Disc 2) (In)

SLPS-02015 (hashes match)
http://redump.org/disc/5608/ Tokyo Majin Gakuen Oboro Kitan

and a bonus disc SLPS-02837 (new hash) shown here:
http://www.mediafire.com/view/wea7sa3gx … usdisc.jpg

The front cover of compilation and spine are shown here:
https://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=ht … amp;iact=c

The spine is here:

So spine says title is
Tokyo Majin Gakuen Denki Hito no Fumi: Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuuchou Emaki

So my questions are:

Why is the title of this compilation consist of these two titles?

Where does Tokyo Majin Gakuen Denki Hito no Fumi come from in the title?

What is the name of disc4 for this compilation?

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Any chance you could provide a link for cdtoimg_d8, as old ones are not working?

Just a heads up, but SLPS 01304 or SLPS-01304 comes up Tales of Phantasia in search. Might have to do with JASRAC ID is 01304.

Rocket wrote:

So, I must set combined value +8 (+2 and +6) in EAC? Or maybe +7 (+1 and +6)? Or what?

That discs:

I would say +8 for EAC in this case if your scrambled sector length is 0x20 (=32/4=8). This assumes that you have a 2:00 pregap (i have seen 3:00 and 4:00 and others on PSX disks too).


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The drives are all NTFS. I just wrote a batch file with the sort command to fix the issue.


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Sort order of hashes are shown below for multitrack dump:
        <rom name="dump (Track 01).bin" size="95707584" crc="f0365e47" md5="b78fc29b83e81bd2eb7ddb593865088d" sha1="7c00d4a44ba8aca03ad7db10f102339ae0a3178f"/>
        <rom name="dump (Track 02).bin" size="4513488" crc="69fba71b" md5="634dd1dfeefa41eee49657f6216a7184" sha1="98a4ab4839269de8f0cf239c51f0f29cee2b7584"/>
        <rom name="dump (Track 03).bin" size="1237152" crc="2e3b600b" md5="536643b6ad705ebe6cf63cde9b56e775" sha1="634b932fd23480da814f87b69f242a574e8f9f70"/>
        <rom name="dump (Track 04).bin" size="1265376" crc="2e281493" md5="859f93035610f511db6cff93e433d189" sha1="8576c0d9e2e7ce90a919afd404b7cedbf171c31a"/>
        <rom name="dump (Track 05).bin" size="1286544" crc="4de02e3f" md5="837df9036cabaf38f75a54766609bbd5" sha1="f309adcba4c164f0b40ce54b2732c474022602c4"/>
        <rom name="dump (Track 06).bin" size="1545264" crc="64807aa2" md5="2065ffb5d1d3716edfcc00572c9c40f3" sha1="37543e9a71533a4fa1119278cc4e6b0fd295f833"/>
        <rom name="dump (Track 07).bin" size="1239504" crc="19acae2b" md5="d0dba1e723be0c95f272d3a60246c59d" sha1="5e4bfa37abc985e7dffc67a1b73c316203163cbd"/>
        <rom name="dump (Track 08).bin" size="1241856" crc="a0dee54f" md5="c8097f793f7252ec828ec9382b638734" sha1="dca30b2045c4c2f43f8f59a037a7c56b612181d1"/>
        <rom name="dump (Track 09).bin" size="1241856" crc="4ad16f0b" md5="6614f6f642f5d8a825ae0e4c25fec44e" sha1="2ce897f3512ba9099053a25c5e1635f584e4f217"/>
        <rom name="dump (Track 10).bin" size="1239504" crc="01454d0d" md5="2ea5b22b91b9484f29334653b59899c8" sha1="52af2e60136dbf1927ac8c9c03b282f5d6b6759f"/>
        <rom name="dump (Track 11).bin" size="15546720" crc="c599b524" md5="e3aa3201ff56a0ad425b3b2f27aa25e9" sha1="beba1954984957585328d494787903f9bc0f432a"/>
        <rom name="dump (Track 12).bin" size="20166048" crc="cbbddbaf" md5="92db52eceb43c82f3c2604b05ad239dc" sha1="46b0409239cf0a6317b678f9b9b9c5a8ca468c63"/>
        <rom name="dump (Track 13).bin" size="11381328" crc="7e5780a7" md5="f3b28a41bc32de79699e590189b6dfcc" sha1="45ce290086ce594a1934e9e02b5ca9c41add27cc"/>
        <rom name="dump (Track 14).bin" size="24300864" crc="1aabde20" md5="109c41a0d1e61073b3b80be2444e41e2" sha1="ef87cdb59a65c78bbddc493af41afcd5885d58a1"/>
        <rom name="dump (Track 16).bin" size="17256624" crc="e57c76b3" md5="03d1660d87fbf74c4bd05e951d6eb7a6" sha1="d5231cf551248503622f21af849694418e555023"/>
        <rom name="dump (Track 18).bin" size="53272800" crc="9d741f5e" md5="0e0780125290c5f1c615bed12e03e066" sha1="037d1a3d7a4af7465f3a5c8f3492b80aae63ab96"/>
        <rom name="dump (Track 15).bin" size="15796032" crc="6b68f246" md5="86b5e9f31541a4a582d1ee5625f2d17d" sha1="511dae693ba317f042c7a3d506589cc001ced91c"/>
        <rom name="dump (Track 17).bin" size="14203728" crc="2c2e585e" md5="63f9919d7f617e0cec49f662e9f8fecb" sha1="124ac66a58a449ef199823c368bcf017c367a091"/>

Still not sorting correctly.

axisleon wrote:


So "Digimon World 3: Door of a New Adventure" is proper translation for last demo?

Here are some better pics:

http://www.mediafire.com/view/x4b86heq1 … esized.jpg

http://www.mediafire.com/view/tufzgtinc … esized.jpg

Thanks again for your help with this!

I could use some help translating the title and contents of this demo disk SLPM-80635:


Is the title "9 Anniversary Special Disc !! V jump launched"?

Also, what are the contents of this disk on the right side?

Thanks for your help!


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F1ReB4LL wrote:
pablogm123 wrote:


Tested the last version (Test(20140823)) -- yes, c2 rereading is still broken, acts absolutely the same (see the report above).

Might have run across this problem too. Had issue this week where a psx disk i was dumping had exactly 1 c2 error which dic said was fixed after rereading, but hashes were different from database


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I am dumping PSX SLPM-86177 and would like to know if the title of this game should be "Shinji Daigeki Action - Rasetsu no Ken" or "Shin Jidaigeki Action - Rasetsu no Ken"?

Not quite sure which way it should be. Spine has it as "Shinjidaigekiaction Rasetsunoken"



Thanks for the information Rocket. I wasn't aware of that edition.


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Any chance we can get the sort order fixed on the dat file generator in Test(20140823)? This is what happens on some multitrack dumps:
        <rom name="Shuukan Gallop - Blood Master (Disc 1) (Track 01).bin" size="19483968" crc="08d69484" md5="ff677caa97fd803c88cdfc3029c85b98" sha1="781d09fbcdac584f4058498d6bf354cee49f485d"/>
        <rom name="Shuukan Gallop - Blood Master (Disc 1) (Track 02).bin" size="34122816" crc="b474f5a5" md5="026a2537b70112f5e1f51004a2ee3dd4" sha1="e28dcb23ba8e0382e075e1a6908d5df95bb551cc"/>
        <rom name="Shuukan Gallop - Blood Master (Disc 1) (Track 03).bin" size="45602928" crc="3d2f0836" md5="a6fee5c4d5de9f9b79a66ad0728fb2d4" sha1="69aa66bff1f82e75e13fc3a3a28e3f0c97808831"/>
        <rom name="Shuukan Gallop - Blood Master (Disc 1) (Track 04).bin" size="53105808" crc="b0589504" md5="f3c5f051cd699ad18afaab54b8ca0e66" sha1="892531549f7432d07c7ff63a0308eee8dc3dcdae"/>
        <rom name="Shuukan Gallop - Blood Master (Disc 1) (Track 05).bin" size="41524560" crc="9e9f3c9e" md5="5791fc9e8a4a777d27f11468af4be1e0" sha1="475e067b0958e63d2b9c95872f83febc7a039dc1"/>
        <rom name="Shuukan Gallop - Blood Master (Disc 1) (Track 06).bin" size="42686448" crc="2ac634d6" md5="103620ef65af1d4d809e5038eae9b688" sha1="27192cfdc88cb386b30d43b4f8f5c8761a6cf9be"/>
        <rom name="Shuukan Gallop - Blood Master (Disc 1) (Track 09).bin" size="35350560" crc="8a0e169c" md5="7051ffb0d12fa00855cb009b8ff67f43" sha1="351b3b0cf92d929ef32bf44ac156f114051db8fc"/>
        <rom name="Shuukan Gallop - Blood Master (Disc 1) (Track 12).bin" size="1138368" crc="916cbcca" md5="51c7393b63f36248a93a1ce25ac14ad3" sha1="4a2ff20e35ce1d798f487c227fed39ced5f1752d"/>
        <rom name="Shuukan Gallop - Blood Master (Disc 1) (Track 13).bin" size="1886304" crc="0f01d378" md5="d38ee7a03fc35dc43e6583bce703f709" sha1="f930cf94bc81e8536d98f6ece108e7a799e9592a"/>
        <rom name="Shuukan Gallop - Blood Master (Disc 1) (Track 07).bin" size="35997360" crc="eafa40c2" md5="6381a504ff9723df092b63223d48ea7f" sha1="328e217fa5eb382334a9c97c7bb44a9974ecda0b"/>
        <rom name="Shuukan Gallop - Blood Master (Disc 1) (Track 08).bin" size="17400096" crc="af128db3" md5="eb3d5c29a3bb4dad4ed447b66ac2115c" sha1="667a1479b4f8530b5b295d2ffd8f2808fb323288"/>
        <rom name="Shuukan Gallop - Blood Master (Disc 1) (Track 10).bin" size="14817600" crc="798299d5" md5="74d7e1ad8e53fdfbc33759d53be838f8" sha1="0f37ac5e51100f82dc35edd25986d5c44e99959a"/>
        <rom name="Shuukan Gallop - Blood Master (Disc 1) (Track 11).bin" size="6030528" crc="978289e6" md5="77c22f9d97d85104aa9d41f8eb203e2c" sha1="d4b050d5b532b629de737c27fbf6809f3c9b506f"/>
        <rom name="Shuukan Gallop - Blood Master (Disc 1) (Track 14).bin" size="32104800" crc="9b94ea54" md5="65aea234c174ee35fb574d981fe3fc4f" sha1="bd1fde88c2b79e3cf8821c969373460d51f3155a"/>

Thanks for a great dumping app!


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Does the software support the Plextor 716-AL drive? It keeps exiting on me with:

        Windows 8 Pro  64bit
        x86, AnsiBuild, Jun  7 2014 12:37:35
         path: dump.bin
        fname: dump
          ext: .bin
Start: 2014-06-21(Sat) 21:20:16
[F:GetDriveOffset][L:64] GetLastError: 2, The system cannot find the file specified.

This drive doesn't define in driveOffset.txt
Please input Drive offset(Samples): 128
Checking reading lead-out
Creating bin from 298065 to 298066 (LBA) 298066
Reading lead-out: OK
[F:ReadCDAll][L:780] GetLastError: 2, The system cannot find the file specified.

End: 2014-06-21(Sat) 21:20:25

Thanks for any help with this.