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Your EXE Date says 1996-09-18 but it really is 1996-09-19.
Thanks for the submission!

Just run edccchk on the bin file and report back the number of errors plus warnings.

Thanks for the attempt on getting the languages.


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Open in isobuster and do sector view on file SYSTEM.CNF. It will be in there.


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Please add the version to your post.

Your dump data does not match http://redump.org/disc/55312/ with the same exact ringcode.

Any idea what the error count, write offset, and languages are?

Thanks for the submission!


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Just need the version and please confirm toolstamp is A0 and not A01 (or some other digits).
Thanks for the submission!

Thanks for the info LedZep!

Please post the cue file (not in the logs).


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Thanks for the info!

No PVD for Disney's 102 Dalmatians - Puppies to the Rescue (Europe)?


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Can you post both Armored Core disc front and sleeve scans here. I only found the Geppy-X ones on Discord.



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Last thing, please check mastering ringcode if Sony DADC or DADC is present.



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Thanks for the information!
Can you check if there is any mould code on the inner ring  of disc (for example 45V7 or 45W7 or something else)?


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Hi jethro_napolean!

Need the version from SYSTEM.CNF.



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I checked those exe dates on the 2 games you mentioned were different, but they are correct in the DB. Looks like something happened in the submission.txt file, as the dates are correct in the volDesc.txt file.

Thanks for the verifications!

Np, thanks for submitting the info on these trade demos!

Those mould codes are most likely Q not O.

Thanks for the verification!


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For Biohazard: Code: Veronica Kanzenban, what number is after the SLPM-65022? 1,2, or 3?


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This disc is in as DVD-5 but you have DVD-9 with a layerbreak. Please recheck.


Please submit the ringcodes for this disc.


Hi niemand! Please post the ringcodes for disc also. Thanks.

Hi enderghast13, thanks for the dump info!

Submission looks good, only thing that seems off is the the exe date. Can you check the exe date for the boot file (SLUS_210.15 in this case)? The logs are showing 2006-01-11 as the date.

Thanks for confirming.

Please confirm this Mastering Code:

Madden NFL 97 (Europe) http://redump.org/disc/8757/
Barcode: 5 030935 010619 >
SID Code: IFPI L555
Mastering Code: DADC AUSTRIA  A0100199085-0101   15
Toolstamp: A2
Mould SID Code: IFPI 946A
Additional Mould Text: *

DB has DADC AUSTRIA   A0100166085-0101   15


Any mould code on data side of disc (IFPI xxxx or xxxx)?

Thanks for this submission!

Any mould code on data side of disc (IFPI xxxx or xxxx)?

Bonus Demo 5 (Europe) (En,Fr,De,Es,It) (SCED-51940)

Mould SID Code: IFPI   ????