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Thanks for great work Dremora.

In occasion of audio of track Wining Post 2 - Program ' 96 (J) and several more my early dumps. Some my early dumps are not true. A problem that I do not know them titles. Definitely to a correct audiotrack I add synchro smile. It concerns only disks with two tracks.

I always copying a Datetrack by means of IB. Thus I at once cut off a part from 1 track which is pregap.
In any case I already have no these disks to make sure. For that also there is a blue point that it has been checked up smile


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psxt001z консольная прога, конечно так ты ничего не откроешь smile


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Amazing !!!

Rocknroms wrote:

The following are some considerations and discoveries after dumping quite 150 Saturn discs:

1) Write Offset.

It seems that ring codes have something to do with write offset in the following way:

- when there's a ring code ending with A, B or C the w.offset is always +18

So the most common w.offset for Saturn discs seems to be +0, +18, +390 and +684

Sometimes sutch CDs come to an end on K and J. WOffset not always +18. Sometimes in garbage it is possible to observe synchro.

Gaps between audiotracks depend from WOffsets.
If on a disk there are no anomalies, that is traced dependence:
WO 0, +18 or +222 ======== Gaps 2.00 sec
WO +390, +684 ========== Gaps 1.74 sec

Thanks Rocknroms, for a long time I wished to write something similar, but stirs lack of knowledge of English language. smile

Yea, +1 to Redump.org dumping method smile

All games from series Shining an identical audiotrack smile?
All regions? All versions?
http://redump.org/disc/3494/ Shining Force III (E)
http://redump.org/disc/2852/ Shining the Holy Ark (E)
http://redump.org/disc/3235/ Shining Wisdom (J)

just leave it alone, imho smile

Ok, I long did not pay attention to these disks, but themabus have copied a little from them.
themabus, tell me please, as you have defined in Super Robot Wars F Final gap between date a track = 3 sec?


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Vigi, and whence we know, what received offset true? smile I discussed it with Dremora. Probably changes have been brought in an audiotrack at manufacturing the master-copy (For example: http://redump.org/disc/1431/ http://redump.org/disc/2767/). In other words,  it's necessary to search for a method of correct offset definition instead of to adjust an audiotrack to the standard.

I can calculate it if the received result will help us to find out true.


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pnkiller78 wrote:

Ok, I've been playing a little bit with some sega saturn images that I had laying on my hard disk, mainly from TOSEC torrents..
And I noticed something curious about some games from different regions but the same game in fact.

By example, these two

both games have different checksums for the audio tracks but the sizes are the same, it looked strange for me, I tough that the music should match different region games like on PSX.
So I did a test, using the psxt001z track method to rebuild a track from an image (used a TOSEC image as source), I rebuilded the audio tracks, for the PAL version the offset correction was +18 (the same write offset in DB), and after that tried to rebuild the JAP version, and guess what, the program was able to found the track, but this time is was with an offset correction of -306...
So, I was wondering why the audio track don't match on both disc when in fact the music from both version it's the same. Could it be an error from one of the dumpers, or in fact, is this the way it was supposed to be?

The same behavior was true for these two other games

What you guys think about it?

Sorry, I was mean to post of the General Discussion forum, if some admin can move, it should be good.

moderator edit: changed topic title to reflect contents

Not pressing in technical questions:

1: There are games with identical region and identical offsets, but audiotracks are shifted under the attitude to each other on 2 samples. http://redump.org/disc/1431/ http://redump.org/disc/2767/ It proves, that not always both versions of various regions should converges, as even the version of the same games does not converge. While I could find only one game for SS which audiotracks converge with other version. Wipeout (PAL) http://redump.org/disc/3036/ . 8 audiotracks are identical PSX Wipeouts.

2: About WO = 0 EAC. It is a lot of games for SS have an identical second audiotrack which CD converges for all, except for CD with offset = 0. This direct proof, that offset = 0 is not true.
Example for 10 sec second SS Jap Track:
ID in DB ---- Name ------- MD5 ---------- Track Number-------Offset
1629,"Winning Post 2: Program '96","4e0043e3be0aee92409d0add922ba839",2,"0"
2345,"Bakuretsu Hunter","5abdd123f1f721875d8eade888da2550",2,"0"
1449,"Enemy Zero","7c0f9b105165b013366b534b6f8be141",2,"0"
2281,"Jissen Pachi-Slot Hisshouhou! 3","92fd90a37d298edb02e81b7137274384",2,"0"
1450,"Enemy Zero","bcfae1cfecac5be5f71bcf8666bf8a4d",2,"0"
1448,"Enemy Zero","bcfae1cfecac5be5f71bcf8666bf8a4d",2,"0"
2279,"Enemy Zero","e03343a8c9f1853d8af2f154b67e2dac",2,"+666"
1439,"DX Jinsei Game","e03343a8c9f1853d8af2f154b67e2dac",2,"+684"
2343,"Tower, The","e03343a8c9f1853d8af2f154b67e2dac",2,"+684"
1610,"AI Shougi","e03343a8c9f1853d8af2f154b67e2dac",2,"+390"
2273,"Enemy Zero","e03343a8c9f1853d8af2f154b67e2dac",2,"+390"
2278,"Enemy Zero","e03343a8c9f1853d8af2f154b67e2dac",2,"+390"
1459,"Street Fighter Zero 2","e03343a8c9f1853d8af2f154b67e2dac",2,"+1260"
2280,"Enemy Zero","e03343a8c9f1853d8af2f154b67e2dac",2,"+390"
1451,"Enemy Zero","e9b72983c72cbeb7aa0d58bfacc10e1d",2,"0"

Apparently from an example, at correction the audiotrack becomes identical at any offsets, except for offsets = 0 !!!

I have German Soviet Strike. The track 2 completely converges with yours, but will shift on 2 samples smile. The end does not coincide only.
If you have included reading in Lead-Out, and the track was equally copied on these three drives then all is true.
Toshiba is not able to read in Lead-Out therefore does not read end of  audiotrack. Large offset +1200 does not allow.

In your track, last 2 sectors are filled by zero. In my track in last 2 sectors there are data.
Your drive supports overread? Probably end of data 2 tracks is lost?

xenogears, give me Track 02 please.

3rd edition i think.

xenogears , your disk is not GS-9198. it's GS-9169 !!!
Date track of GS-9198 cannot coincide with GS-9169, even because has other version - 1.004.
Inner ring number of GS-9198 CD1 is : GS-9198P-02243A
But ring number of my GS-9169 CD1 is not coincide with your number smile
Has copied CD 3, it has coincided with yours.

I have both versions smile Give me a few time, I shall lay out results...

GoodSaturn? smile
CDRWin is not able to define correctly gap between 2 date tracks in many games SS.
Nights Into Dreams for example


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I have reconsidered the attitude to Sony CDU 4800. It is an excellent drive smile As I have no drive which read in Lead Out - CDU 4800 with its huge negative offset this my rescue smile


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1 I think it not absolutely. But possible it's true dump.
2.1  is correct
2.2 Under doubt. If audio a track really empty it's true. You copied audio on NEC 4570 or on another drive?
TEAC CD-540 with offset -496 it's best way to dumping end of last track.


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As to the first offer it's not so good idea. Sometimes there is a necessity will return to old dumps.
And general discussion I shall clear.
To write the separate instruction for Sega CD or Sega Saturn  is not simple. For example there is no method to correctly copying SS disks with two data tracks.
And how to be with mad offsets? for example I'm not sure, that offset equal 0 exists smile
As  now i'm keen SS, some moments are found out. For example gaps depend from offset. 01-74 Gaps are available on disks with offsets +390, +684 or +1280 (the list not full). Standard gaps (02-00) are available on disks with offsets 0, +18, +222, +810 and so on.
If to follow the general rule about which I have written strange gaps should not appear.
However completely  not clear, whether are true strange gaps about which wrote themabus - http://forum.redump.org/viewtopic.php?id=2232

Another one game smile Look a this:
and this:
and THIS Devil Offset %):
Only one diference - Inner ring serial number.

Extra strange smile I copied my disc on 5 drives (+6, +738, +600, +48 and +12 offsets).
What about number on CD? My number is:
T-14406GP-P1K      V        IFPI  L237
covers image: http://p-star.dremora.com/cd/PICT0066.JPG

BoreS, copy once again the second track. Other tracks have converged with yours.


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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !!!