any good advices for dumping them?

DIC doesn't seem to work for me, either with a 712A nor 2 different 716A using the command

DiscImageCreator.exe dvd f: gowii_bonus.iso 8 /c


Did you play it for a few seconds using VLC before dump?

Schrodinger wrote:

Did you play it for a few seconds using VLC before dump?

Nope, I didn't. Should I? Nothing about it in the wiki.

In the meantime ImgBurn did the job, dump matches the db.

DiscImageCreator doesn't support protected DVD-Video. Here's an old post I made to explain how to dump DVD-Video discs.

Here are additional steps for protected discs:
1) Run readdvd.exe -d D: -o NUL
2) Press Q to stop reading and then copy the three keys from the command window (decrypting disc key, trying player key, decrypted disc key).
Protected disc template:

Region: #,#,etc. (list all)
RCE Protection: No or Yes
Copyright Protection System Type: CSS/CPPM
Encrypted Disc Key: 
Player Key: 
Decrypted Disc Key: 

I've created a wiki guide for DVD-Video disc ripping based off the info in this thread http://wiki.redump.org/index.php?title= … ping_Guide

Enker, if you have the time, check over the linked guide to make sure it was done right.

I've also updated the DVD DIC guide with a link to the above guide.

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Thanks, user7 smile. After start DVD Decrypter, can you mention copying the (Region,RCE) info to the user's dump log?
PVD step is also missing. Hopefully DIC will support DVD-Video in the future, so all of these steps won't be necessary.

Cool, updated as best as I understand.

Thanks. Everything looks very good. smile

Thanks for the guide user7 and Enker for the informations!

DVD wasn't even copy protected... smile