Topic: Obtaining a Plextor drive?

Hi! I would like to obtain a Plextor drive in order to dump various CDs that I have and CDs that I will obtain in the future (I will probably not be able to dump many until late December however). I live in the UK. What would be the cheapest way of obtaining a drive, and as the drive will probably be IDE, would an IDE to SATA converter work to connect it to my computer?

Re: Obtaining a Plextor drive?

I don't live in the UK, so I can't really offer much useful advice about buying a Plextor.

However, I can offer advice about getting an IDE adapter.

First off, I've had a lot more success getting SATA to IDE adapters running than USB to IDE adapters.

I'm currently using this Syba brand SATA to IDE adatper: … &psc=1

However, I can't seem to find that exact product on, but this device looks suspiciously similar: … de+adapter

Of course,  you'll want to make sure that your power supply has Molex/4-pin power outlets. Otherwise, you'll need to buy a SATA power to Molex adapter in order to power the drive and the adapter.

Also, I'd like to warn you and anyone else who may be reading to NEVER buy this product: … &psc=1

I can't go into detail right now, but all you need to know is that it failed on me.

Also, Kludge is a UK based dumper who apparently owns multiple Plextors. You might be able to convince him to part with one of them for cheap-ish if you ask nicely.