First of all, I would like to say that I've been following this project since many years ago and must thank you for been alive for over a decade.

Now about my questions:
I would like to contribute with you making verifications of my short collection. But for CD disc I must have a Plextor drive.

I bought one Plextor 716-A from Canada for a cheap price one month ago; but from where I am, there's no ETA at all, so could be tomorrow or could not arrive.

My second option is, I found one Plextor PX-40TSi and other 4 HP SCSI drives from an old datacenter; but my best chance is to find one PCI card to try to put in an old PC that I have, since scsi to usb is too expensive.

Now I'm thinking of adquire one of this Plextor model PX-891SAF-R, it's selling in UK for 40 GPB and my best option is to ask for a friend who lives in Holland buy for and bring to me.

Should I go for option C?

40GPB is way too much even for best Plextors: PX760 or PX716. Keep in mind that the dumping software might not support your exotic Plextor and it might not support D8 command. List of supported drives:

PX-760, PX-755, PX-716, PX-714, PX-712, PX-708, PX-704, Premium2, Premium, PX-W5224, PX-4824, PX-4012 (PX-714, PX-704 can't test it enough.)

PX-891SAF is a rebadged Lite-On, you can even reflash iHAS122 F, iHAS324 F and certain other Lite-On models into PX-891SAF, so it's not a real Plextor.

PX-40TSi is good (but keep in mind it uses the 0xD8 read command only and doesn't support 0xBE).