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Since I didn't find any info about Plextor PX-W5224TA I have to ask here. Is this CD-RW good enough for dumping Amiga CD,CD32, CDTV, PS1, PS2, Saturn, PC Engine?

I also have some XBox, Xbox360, PS2 (all dumped) PSP (all dumped), PS3 (don't have BlueRay sadly) and Dreamcast discs but for a moment I don't have any proper DVD reader. Probably one of DVDs mentioned lower will be suitable.

I have option to buy PX-708A (new), PX-760A (used), PX-L890SA (new, manufactured by Lite-On) , PX-806SA (used), PX-891SA (used) PX-740A (used), PX-740A (new), PX-716A (used), PX-712A (used). Some of these are expensive even if are used but I'm willing to buy one if DVD proof to be reliable to dump everything.

Any advise ?

haynor666 wrote:

Since I didn't find any info about Plextor PX-W5224TA

http://forum.redump.org/search/ -- "Plextor PX-W5224TA" -- magic! smile

Yeah, I've search forum about this model but informations found this way are insufficient. Only Nexy have some information about this model. According to this info this model should be enough for reading standard CDs.

D8 read command  : Yes
C2 error correction : Yes
Read Offset            : +30
DPM Measurement : Yes
Fast Error Skip       : Yes
Sub Code reading  : Yes

I guess I have to read manual for DIC and perfectrip and start dumping myself.

Well, usually the only question is if the drive supports 0xd8 to avoid the automatic descrambling. GD-ROMs and certain protections need specific drives, though, but it's a different story.

One drive worth considering, is one drive for 3 hard to dump systems, the drive I would recommend is the TSSTCorp SH-D162D, that can dump xbox and xbox 360, and should also be able to dump Dreamcast games, you are actually better with an SH-D162C for Dreamcast, but that's not much good for 360, or xbox. I think it will dump them using minesweeper and possibly older xboxbackupcreator, but it can't dump ss.bins either, but for Dreamcast it is better than the D model.

I have 2x of Each, they aren't a very reliable drive, not well built, but I currently have one D for xbox and one C for Dreamcast. The other two are for if these two fail at some point.

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Ok, I've set up hardware:

Core2Duo 4300 (old but I think it's enough since dumping is almost cpu independent)
1 Gb RAM (it's ok?)
Radeon X1550 (does not matter I think)
Plextor PX-W5224TA v1.03

Temporary on Windows XP x64 (is it ok or should I set reinstall x86 edition?)

What information should I post to verify that I did everything fine?

Your systems ok for dumping but 1gb of ram will make it a bitch to use, 2gb is much better, one I use for cd based dumping only has 2gb, other than that everything else should be fine.

It may be worth taking your time but getting all the windows updates, set it up with everything you need, defrag the c drive, and generally optimise it. During this period you should have had long enough to see if it runs fine or whether their are any serious issues.

A machine for dumping doesn't need to be power full, but stable wouldn't hurt.

He who controls the SPICE... controls the UNIVERSE!
The SPICE must flow.

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I tried some audio cd and I get different result when adding /a 30 (drive should have offset 30). Is this /a 30 correct to add or should I leave this option and let DIC decide?

Any specific popular games/disc to test this plextor ?

Machine has XP x64 without any updates but latest service pack. Clean install, minimal drivers and no LAN connected.

Tests in PlexTools Pro XL 3.16 seems to be ok with audio disc that I have right now.

haynor666 wrote:

I tried some audio cd and I get different result when adding /a 30 (drive should have offset 30). Is this /a 30 correct to add or should I leave this option and let DIC decide?

Why not to compare with EAC's 0 and +30 dumps? smile

IIRC, /a 30 should be used (unless there's a built-in drives/offsets db).

/a isn't needed for audio cds, DIC uses the driveOffset.txt to detect the offset for your drive. It's confusing the way the app describes it, but /a lets you apply a custom offset to the default one. It's only needed if the disc has data in the lead-in/out areas.

And if this file does not have offset for my drive ? There is model with ending A but not with ending TA. Should add custom +30?

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Make sure you have the latest firmware. 1.04 seems to be the latest: http://www.cdrinfo.com/Sections/Firmwar … riveId=740
No, no custom +30. I believe both drives are the same. Chack log after dumping. It should contain a line like this in _disclog.txt:

======= Offset(Drive offset data referes to http://www.accuraterip.com) =======
     Combined Offset(Byte)    120, (Samples)    30
    -   Drive Offset(Byte)    120, (Samples)    30
           CD Offset(Byte)      0, (Samples)     0

Use this command: DiscImageCreator.exe cd y: "name" 40 /c2 2000 8192 8

y: = drive letter
"name" = file output

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After I executed this command I get Combined offset 120, 30 samples but in file [name]_disc.txt. Diggerss/Oscar, Dragonstone and Pirates! Gold (amiga discs) matches base so I'm skipping manual offset. Now let's see on other systems.

EDIT. Ai Chou Aniki and GöTzenDienER (PC Engine CD) are also fine.

EDIT2. Sadly Apprentice (Philips CD-i ready) didn't match base. DIC reported offset 0 instead +222. Should I add anything to commands ?

Here is link for all dumps (not including actual data - bin,img, scm): https://mega.nz/#!skdhEJTa!XogzBp7ZAjv6 … zXdMkghtc4

The Apprentice could be different revision. It's common on CDI Ask gorelord4e to help you check your version. (Use forum PM) He will tell you what he needs from DIC. He is more then helpfull.

Great you verified the Amiga CD32 games and the PC Engine one. Time to post the logs in the dumping thread.

Apprentice appears to be the same exact edition. Everything is the same except there is additional IFPI 01C6 moulded (the one already in base is not moulded) but maybe this was omitted by gorelord4e. The real problem is all tracks are audio tracks but first track have some datas at the beginning.