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Thank you, I've registered now and I'm working on the list of dumps. I have a couple questions about CD-based PS2 games if that's alright.

1. What is "Errors Count"? Just how many errors I had during extraction, or something particular?
2. What about "Pregap" for CDs that are only 1 track? EAC can't detect gaps and the dumping guide doesn't mention anything.
3. I am using a Plextor PX716-A and the px_d8_1.01A to determine "Write offset". When I used it on Ridge Racer V, I get the following returned.

Sector: 0
MSF: 00:02:02
Combined offset: -2468 bytes / -617 samples

I mostly do not know what to do with this information. Sector 0 is because of what I typed into the command prompt to use the program. I assume I want to use the -617 value for the "Write offset" field. However, I don't know what offset the px_d8 program itself has. Should I also subtract another 30 to make it -647? Also, what about MSF?

This will help me submit data as accurately as possible.

EDIT: Also, one more question: given that I am probably submitting 250+ dumps, should I post them all in a thread, or maybe attach a zip file or something that has txt files for them? It's whatever is easier for the staff.

Hi, I see you being serious about dumping, you can get the dumper status right away.
I would like to split your general questions about dumping and keep account request topic by side, it will be removed later.

As a note i can suggest you to use one of the tools (coded by sarami, DiscImageCreator) we also use here in combination with real plextors, which should "eliminate" your 2nd and 3rd questions. I have no time right now to explain it further, I think you will find it out and other members can help you too smile

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Thank you for the response, and for trusting me to be a serious dumper. Along with the dumps, I will include pictures of my game library so you know I'm not just taking images from internet sites.

I downloaded DiscImageCreator and gave it a shot, but I get an error.

[F:GetDriveOffset][L:63] GetLastError: 2, The system cannot find the file specified.

This drive doesn't define in driveOffset.txt
Please input Drive offset(Samples): 

When I input 30, I get this error.

[F:ReadCDPartial][L:1689] GetLastError: 2, The system cannot find the file specified.

I am unable to debug this error myself. However, it still leaves behind a very interesting Track01_disclog.txt file which has some information about the disc I am trying (NFL GameDay 2001 was my test disc).

========================= FULL TOC on SCSIOP_READ_TOC =========================
    FirstCompleteSession: 1
     LastCompleteSession: 1
    Session 1, FirstTrack  1, Format: CD-ROM-XA
    Session 1,  LastTrack  1
    Session 1,      Leadout, MSF 65:03:21 (LBA[292746, 0x4778a])
    Session 1,     Track  1, MSF 00:02:00 (LBA[000150, 0x00096])
======= Offset
     Combined Offset(Byte)  -2468, (Samples)  -617
    -   Drive Offset(Byte)    120, (Samples)    30
           CD Offset(Byte)  -2588, (Samples)  -647
    Overread sector: -2

Maybe I don't understand the output but what it looks like to me is that track 1 (the one and only game data track) has a standard 2-second pregap. This game's track length is 65:01:21, but DiscImageCreator reports 65:03:21, 2 seconds longer. It also reports that track 1 starts at 00:02:00. However, none of the entries on Redump that I have looked at have any pregaps for PS2 games, so I'm left a bit confused. I would appreciate anybody's help with the program/questions.

It sounds like you only downloaded the file that has DIC.exe in it? You need the release one that has


in it.

The first error being the offset file missing and the second being the scramble.bin file missing.

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Ah yes, seems I didn't really pay close enough attention to all of the options in that thread. I needed to download the first one, not the latest "test" one. So now my questions are:

1. What is the "Errors Count" field?
2. Is the standard 2-second pregap for track 1 ignored? (This behavior is typical also for EAC so it wouldn't seem wrong.)
3. Should I post dumps in a thread, or in txt files in a zip, or...?
4. Should I note of discrepancies in entries when I submit dumps? I notice some entries don't have the barcode field, or the EXE date doesn't match mine, or other things. I can note differences if it helps.

Sorry if I seem bothersome, but I would like my submissions to be 100%. Thank you for the warm welcome and help so far.

1. If you scan the image with CDMage. You should have 0 errors in the image at least for PS2 CDs.
2. It is correct procedure.
3. Robo gave you Dumper status. This means you can use the "New Disc" page. And only have to put Verifications in the forum with a link to the database entry that it matches.
4. Yes mark any new/different info with red etc. That makes it easier for the mods to add your dumps.

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That's great, I didn't know I had access to add new discs, very nice. I appreciate all the help, I'll keep working on the dumps, and probably submit them in small batches rather than just post a topic saying "250 PS2 dumps lol" (unless it's actually better that way).

Off to work...