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I've recently went about updating my Redump sets. This process took me longer than I would have liked. Because I had a lot of time on my hands while I waited for all my files to be renamed I thought of an idea, why not change the name of the rom inside the archive to either a database number, serial number, or barcode and use the name of the archive as the real name. If any renaming had to take place it would only effect the archive name and not the file inside. If the only thing that needed to be renamed was the name of the archive it would take mins instead of hours to rename the entire Redump set.

So currently my NDS ROMs look like this

Corpse Killer (USA) (32X).7z
- Corpse Killer (USA) (32X) (Track 1).bin
- Corpse Killer (USA) (32X) (Track 2).bin
- Corpse Killer (USA) (32X).cue

If they were renamed to their serial number it would look like

Corpse Killer (USA) (32X).7z
- T-16201F (Track 1).bin
- T-16201F (Track 2).bin
- T-16201F.cue

The only downside to this is if the files are extracted it would be confusing which game you are trying to play based on an alpha / numeric value. The only work around I could think of for this is to either find or create a program that upon extraction relabels the file to the name of the archive.

What are your thoughts?

Re: Question / suggestion about naming

i think such matters shouldn't affect naming in database itself
it's a concern of end user what he does with his images
naming shouldnt become cryptic for many to simplify storage for some
though database could output more information to .dat (xml),
that could be parsed afterwards, allowing implementations of various 3rd party tools
currently pretty much only names go there, while most is left on web server
so this data, it's very fragile and difficult to access, which is wrong, imho

though something very similar was already done in pakkiso - only generic track names - without serials

Re: Question / suggestion about naming

I posted a similar suggestion in the community forum before I read this topic, glad to see I'm not the only one. themabus is right about the fragility and accessibility of the database.