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just a simple question

i notice,like for pc engine,that many user check the toc of a backup to see if it's a good dump or just..ehm..crap

why don't you include also TOC files? (like on megacd,neogeocd or saturn database)?

thnaks for any response

Interesting. This discussion is going to be almost as intense as the time when I forgot how to sit down.

PCE had a primitive way of stream interleaving, by mixing data/audio tracks
so it was important for this console to preserve actual data alignment
however, it is fully done with raw images
you don't need additional steps for this

this TOC, you refer to, is not more than a cue-sheet
about a decade ago there were those .iso/.mp3 dumps
and .mp3, when converted to .wav, could have different size, than the original
so you could sometimes spot those (.bin or .img originated from .iso/.mp3, not real CD) this way, that's about it
(i.e. compare .cue from raw image to .cue from image in question)