Hi all,

many of you probably have undumped Dreamcast games lying around. Let's finally put them to use! As you probably know, our DC dumping method is a bit more complicated than your average PS2 dumping (see http://forum.redump.org/topic/2620/drea … tructions/).

To disc owners: Here's the deal: If you can't or don't want to dump them yourself, send them to someone who can. Reply to this thread or PM the dumper of your choice directly. Don't worry, we'll only recommend trusted dumpers who return your discs right after dumping them!

To DC dumpers: It'd be cool to have at least one DC dumper on each continent, preferably one per major country. If you are willing to help out by dumping games, please reply or send me a PM. Let's make redump the definitive source for proper DC dumps once and for all!

Here's a preliminary list of dumpers who are willing to dump your GD-ROMs:

http://redump.org/images/languages/ger.ico amarok
http://redump.org/images/languages/ita.ico Rocknroms