Need help in romanize this japanese demos: … 1-jpn-pp07

I buy some days ago this discs and soon I'll dump it to redump, but I don't know right title of this edition.

Play Play Vol. 7 or  Pu-re Pu-re Vol. 7 or PrePre Vol.7???

fuzzball wrote: "This is a very difficult case. Preview, PlayStation, Play, or Pure (romanized)... I can't judge."

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I have had contact with SCE and have received an answer.

プレプレ = PlayStation Preview

English: Play Pre, Play-Pre or PlayPre
Romanize: Pure Pure, Pure-Pure or PurePure

still an open question...

How about "PurePure" for now?

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I have no idea.  sad

I'll just dump both of this discs and post info on this forum.

Look, the second disc it is Minna no Golf (Taikenban)?

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Minna no Golf (Japan) (Taikenban) dumped: … taikenban/

PurePure Vol.7 (Japan) dumped: … ol7-japan/

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