Just have a bunch of PS2 CD to dump.  Since they are only 1 TRack, Do I need to use CLRMame Pro to get the Hash ?  According to tuto, it only fro multi track.

Also, where do I put those SHA-1, CRC, etc... and in which format ?

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You needn't use CMP. Just calculate CRC, MD5 and SHA-1 as you would with any DVD game (via HashCalc or whatever you use).

When adding the disc, put the following in the "ClrMamePro data" field:

size 12345678 crc aa11bb22 md5 736528356283765235 sha1 634587648561287563287546

Just replace my random numbers with your image's values. Size is the image size in bytes (as always, real size, not size on disk). CRC, MD5 and SHA1 should be self explanatory smile

Then you need to supply a cuesheet. PS2 CDs are MODE2, so you can always use the following:

FILE "Track01.bin" BINARY
  TRACK 01 MODE2/2352
    INDEX 01 00:00:00

Thx for the help