I have a bunch of PC gaming related magazines with discs. Some of the discs contain only demos and videos and some contain full versions. How should I add this stuff? Are the demo discs relevant at all or should I just dump the full versions?

Furthermore, how do I name such a disc? After the magazine+issue or after the game that's on it? The latter could be problematic since there are even discs with multiple full versions, I think.

actually, I have a similar doubt. a while back I bought some discount game editions, one of which was a replacement of my dead RollerCoaster Tycoon 2 game. this particular edition contains RCT2, and both its expansions, as a single install DVD. I'm not really sure what to call it, as no unique title other than "three games" is given, on top of of course the list of the three originals contained.

In the case of multiple games the No-Intro guys use: X Games in 1: Game1 + Game2 + ... + GameX (Region) (Languages)
Here's a example that I have: http://redump.org/disc/2939/

I've been checking all my covermount games and i've skipped a lot of discs to dump. Some of them doesn't have audio tracks (when they should have), some have the filesystem modified (ex: 2004 filesystem date in a game from 1998; "NEW" as volume label, etc), some have extra content (i have this game http://redump.org/disc/2051/ but since it's so small the magazine decided to fill the disc with demos), and many more cases... I only dumped the ones that sounds to me like the original release (or the re-release).

I think those discs should be carefully analysed before dumping or else we will end up with 20+ versions of the same game.

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If the disc itself is valid (i.e. not burned and dumped correctly) I think it should be added to the database, regardless how negligible the differences to other editions of the same game may seem. Yes, even if that means we'd have 20+ versions of the same game in the DB.

But that's not even the topic; I'd still like to know how to add these magazine discs.

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ssjkakaroto wrote:

In the case of multiple games the No-Intro guys use: X Games in 1: Game1 + Game2 + ... + GameX (Region) (Languages)
Here's a example that I have: http://redump.org/disc/2939/

They do that because those cartridges actually say that on them. I've seen one at Wal-Mart in a discount games bin once.

I also see no reason why these discs shouldn't be added to the database. After all we are trying to collect information on as many of these rare discs as possible.

I like and would love to collect nice dumps of any and all PC cover discs, I think they should be named by the issue. Contents could be listed in comments, they usually contain lots of demos, some full games, patches, trainers, etc etc.

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Theoretically, you can add them as Category: Coverdiscs, but only if you really wish to see them in db (they aren't very useful, especially at this point, IMO).