Hi there,
Just wondering if anybody could help me out - I'm having trouble burning multi-track dumps that have a .cue, .bin and then .ape audio tracks. I load the CUE in IMGBurn and get a bunch of errors? Thanks in advance.

You did not unpack the game properly.

I unecm'd the .bin.ecm file, if that's what you're talking about...

But you did not extract and convert the audio tracks tongue

oh... any ideas what tools/methods i would use to extract & convert the audio tracks?

If the data track was 7-zipped & ecm'd and the audio tracks were in ape format, the game was most likely compressed with PakkISO. To uncompress it, simply un-PakkISO it smile By dragging the game's folder onto unpakkIso.exe it decompresses the 7-zip with the data track, unecms it and converts the apes to bin which you can easily burn afterwards.
Hope I could help smile

amarok, you are a legend. exactly the answer i was looking for. thanks heaps! smile