I already have an account by the name of metalsonic88 but it is associated with an outlook email address and I forgot the password I used. If possible I'd like to try and recover that account, but if not then I'll set up a new account.

If you can provide me with another e-mail address (non gmail or hotmail/microsoft/outlook), I'll update it on your old account.  You can make a temp one here with the updated e-mail if you'd like, and I'll fix the old one.



If you're able to see the guest email I'm using to post this then go ahead and change it to that one. If not I'll just post it directly in another message.

I can see it, thanks.  I've updated your account to that e-mail address.  Please try to recover your password, and if that doesn't work, just let me know.


All good now. Thank you