Another 1000 dumps have been added to the db in less than 2 months. Things are moving faster than ever. If it continues at the current rate, we're sure to reach the 10.000 mark by the end of the year! So dumpers, keep up the good work! cool

No replies.. guess I'm the only one who's impressed? big_smile

i hope this rate continues. it will be nice when verified sets take over teh internetz

All my posts and submission data are released into Public Domain / CC0.

It is glad to see that numbers:) I'm sure we will hit 10.000 very soon!!!

I sent a very warm congrats on the IRC Channel.  Those who weren't there at that time didn't feel my heart warming message, so I'll say it again in a more cold-hearted manner...

8000 dumps!  Congrats! big_smile

Congratulations big_smile
I sure hope progress won't slow down once PSX gets close to completion. There's plenty of other systems which are IMO being neglected somewhat. Maybe the obscurer systems are being added to TOSEC rather than redump, who knows. Well, still it's an impressive effort which I'm proud being part of big_smile

to see all 8000 dumps on HDDX is my personal goal.

So far we are at around 1100 there. I will continue dumping ps2 games and i am buying one ps2 pal game starting with letter "Z" after another now to get all 14 released ps2 pal Z games together for redump

thanks to donations we could buy 2 ps2 us games also which are getting dumped after we received them

10000 dumps are a good goal and i hope my personal dumps can be more then 100 until december. Thanks to everyone else who dumped games for

Cheers, GBK

HDDX is not redump.. we have a special forum for it, so please only mention it there

It would be nice to also see the total number of dumps, with the total number of verifiying dumps included.

Grand Total = ? (including all verification dumps).

PS. put a SPACE before your smile

Then you dont see:).

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