As many of you have probably noticed, we recently reached a major milestone here at Redump, now having over 100,000 discs in our database!

While our goal is not necessarily just 'quantity,' I still think it is worth mentioning and recognizing the amazing work this community has done over the years, in achieving this amazing milestone.

It's impossible to determine the sheer number of volunteer hours and dollars that have gone into this project, but know that they are all appreciated immensely.  The amazing work you are doing, is making a difference.  We have preserved an astounding amount of content, and documented helpful information that the community at large can enjoy for many years to come.

As a member of the redump mod team, I want to express my sincere thanks to all of you who are doing so much for this project.  Whether it is dumping discs, researching releases, updating the wiki, contributing to others, and much more - every bit helps and makes a difference.

I know that we face many challenges in this work, and there is always more to be done, but we should be proud of the work we have done.

As a reminder, it was less than 5 years ago, that we reached the milestone of 50,000 discs in our database.  That means that we have averaged over 10,000 new disc entries per year, every year for the last 5 years.  Despite the challenges we face, we are still making great progress.  In addition to new entries, we are also adding thousands of verifications to existing entries, and updating/correcting information all the time. 

Thank you.  Thank you to everyone who has been a part of this project, and continues to do so.

Given the pernicious challenges of aging console hardware, Redump's cataloguing over the years has been integral to the long-term preservation of these classic systems. If it wasn't for Redump taking the initiative decades ago, I don't know if such a vast, extensive library of disc images would even be possible to build from scratch today.

To me, Redump represents the Internet at its most wondrous. Any discs I dump and add today are done out of reverence for what this project has built over the years. Thank you everyone, and I hope we can continue to see more systems fully dumped.

This is an important milestone for all of us. Preservation is necessary! Let's go for the 200.000!

Salviamo la cultura videoludica italiana.