Topic: How to open .GDI file (beginner)

Hi, im new to all of this, so bear with me

Basically i downloaded an nzb of a dreamcast game - redline racer,

Extracted the .rar that i got, and now i have 12 bin files and a .gdi file...

How do i sort this out? How do i apply this to an emulator etc..

What do you guys reccommend?


Re: How to open .GDI file (beginner)

nullDC is a new Dreamcast emulator that can use gdi files with a special plugin that is included with it so you can play the game in it's original GD-ROM format.

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Re: How to open .GDI file (beginner)

Im ont he dreamcast main screen, and im clickign play game, but it says please insert disc, ive loaded my .gdi file as the default gdi rom disc, but it keeps saying please insert disc, what do i do?

Re: How to open .GDI file (beginner)

Well to be honest I haven't used nullDC since the first public beta so I'm not sure what the problem is. Hopefully someone here that has had experience will reply.

Re: How to open .GDI file (beginner)

try enabling an option called "Patch GDRom Region".