1 (edited by sadikyo 2022-09-15 17:05:01)

Hello everyone! 

We appreciate all of your efforts, including fixes and additions that you have contributed to our database.  However, we've been receiving a large number of fix requests via PMs, Discord chats, and other methods, outside of the forums.  Unfortunately, documentation for these fixes is now sorely lacking and staff workload increases trying to keep track of everything. 

Staff has discussed this issue and we've decided that from now on, all fixes and additions to existing entries need to be posted on the forums in the "Fixes and additions" section for documentation purposes.  In addition, any posted fixes may not be addressed for a few days, in case other people want to express any concerns or disagreements with the proposed changes.  This will ensure transparency and documentation for all corrections to the database.

If you have any questions about this process, feel free to ask any member of staff.  Thank you!