I am concerned about the data on this dump.

it is showing a size of only 2.1gb

when the NTSC versions are 3.9gb

i think that a bad dump has been floating across rom sites.

The same PAL disc was dumped by eight different members, i doubt that the dump is incorrect. Most likely, in the NTSC version someone at Capcom have added some "padding" file to fill the rest of the disc. As a common practice, many developers were filling out the disc with empty data to "push" the real data to the external edge of the disc, so that makes it easier for the console laser lens to read it. If you're still in doubt and you want to be sure of that, the best thing you can do is to buy and dump that disc yourself.

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I'll close this thread for now.  If you decide you want to dump any discs and/or provide info to the database, you can make a new thread requesting an account.  Thanks!