as No-Intro has a miss list, I've finally completed the NTSC-Asia miss list for redump PSX games … _NTSC-ASIA

PAL and NTSC miss lists are here … tabase_PAL … se_NTSC-US

There are probably other games missing that are not in that misslist. smile

Just because redump has dumped discs that are not listed on Sonyindex or the psx datacenter (Mainly demos and some obscure language games [spain, greece, others])

But at least it is a nice starting point wink

yes sir i agree. that is pretty much consensus when you are dealing with thousands of titles. but these lists should help anyone who needs a reference when going to the game store.

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wow big pile of games waiting
good job mate smile

it must have been a lot of work, so props for that
but it isn't a good idea generally, imho

first of all redumps aren't any less welcome than new entries
secondly as mentioned, it's subset from an incomplete list by itself
finally - serials, what i see as a huge problem with

Please note this list is serial# specific, not title specific.

it doesn't explain further than that, but basically you'd get Japanese list different from the rest -
it would have all multiple releases listed when Europe and USA would not,
they'd list only single entry for each title (with a few exceptions), right?
this is a huge diversity.
it means re-release for Europe, USA = original, when it's dumped - you remove original from the list
but for Japan you'd remove only this exact re-release

There is some argument on proper titles for certain games, which results in a shift in starting letter, always search by serial number. Please do not add serials/titles to this list until you have searched the database by serial #.

serials currently are messed up on (imho)
you'd get serials from exe name (mastering artifact) on the same level as Sony's assigned
so when you find serial in db, it desn't really mean - game with such assigned serial
(which your list is based upon) have been dumped

so, to have consistency, imho, it would be far better then to have an list with Title -> Edition relation,
or solely Titles - getting rid of serials at all, if you'd need one,
but i do not see such necessity at all

Thanks for the lists this will sure make hunting for undumped games easier. smile

when building the lists me and AK-47 (who put together PAL and NTSC-US) sets went through the database and removed every serial from the list that is present on the database including entries that list multple serials (because the data is the same).

@themabus, i believe the PAL and NTSC-U lists are serial specific as well, a different user made them but i'm under the impression he did them based on serials.

this list is obviously more geared to collectors who are trying to hunt down games to complete the redump set for the purposes of a full, verified set.

many of the reprint games with diff serials will have the same data/version #, but this way we can make sure we have at least one of every serial in case they are different versions.

definitely not perfect lists, we knew these obstacles when we started making them.

@themabus: when the number of titles shrink on the list i hope to do a better list with more details. but right now thats not an option.

many of the reprint games with diff serials will have the same data/version #, but this way we can make sure we have at least one of every serial in case they are different versions.

for Japan - yes
but for Pal / NTSC-U it's mostly same serial for all releases, they could be the same or different -
you won't know unless all are verified.

for example:

PSX Missing From Database NTSC-US wrote:

SLUS-00066    3D Baseball

SLUS-01272    007: The World Is Not Enough isn't listed, but only 'Greatest Hits' was dumped

PSX Missing From Database NTSC-US wrote:

SLUS-00887    Action Man - Operation Extreme
SLUS-00777    Activision Classics
SCUS-94502    Adidas Power Soccer

there is undumped 'Greatest Hits' for Activision Classics with same serial that isn't listed … 2&y=11

PSX Missing From Database PAL wrote:

SCES-00902    Ace Combat 2    [G]
SLES-03083    Action Man - Destruction X    [M5]
SLES-00015    Actua Golf    [Unknown]

Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere isn't listed as missing, but only 'Original' is dumped; 'Platinum' still missing … =0&y=0

list with titles only and statement explaining - you're just looking for single version for each of those particular games,
(which may not be all there is for specific region)
would make more sense, imho - people would understand it clearly and have no illusion of it's completeness

but still why would you take such burden upon yourself? can be used directly to see whether particular game (down to edition) was dumped

i mean if you see use to it - sure - i do not object, but to me it just doesn't seem rational

i see what you mean and it is a good point. since people collect based on serial number however i think this is a good start. also it would take a lot of research to track down how many editions each title has then take just as much time to add that info. we are talking about what? 5000+ titles? lol

It should be noted that every game you can come across should be (re)dumped, maybe it hides a new version that is not covered in the DB yet. smile

good call, i added this note to the pages

*PSX games NOT on this list are still valued by, please help verify games that are not on this list.