What about DVD-video (I do have more than 100), Blu-ray video, CD-audio(game music) and operatings systems and drivers-disc and floppy discs.

I have a lot of these and I want to dump them.


some of us already had a closed discussion about DVD-video last week or so.. the bottom line is that CSS/CPPM and other copy protections can't really be 'preserved', so it's not possible to make real 1:1 copies (keys are hidden in the lead-in area, etc.). Some tools claim they can do "perfect 1:1 bit-to-bit" copies of video DVD's, but we don't think this is true because the data would still be decrypted before it is saved.

Another thing is that some staff members think that Redump wouldn't be the right place for these dumps (because it's not game-related and because it would be a impossible task because there are so many DVD's). I disagree with this myself, because we're already dumping game-related audio cd's and video dvd's.

I also have about 150 movie DVD's that I would like to store the checksums of, but we'd have to come up with a proper dumping method and then also find a place to post them (maybe if more people like you show their support for the idea then we can think of forking the project or just change our policy and allow these 'systems' after all).

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I do hope redump.org will change its policy and if not then I do hope someone else will start a fork project and then I will dump my checksums there.

And by the way thanks for your reply Jackal.

Acutally Jackal I have found that the copy protection on hollywood DVDs can be preserved using Alcohol 120%'s media descriptor format (mds/mdf). I dumped several DVDs from my brother with it so I could decrypt them later because I didn't have DVD Decrypter on my computer at the time. I'm only guessing but I think the CSS copy protection info is stored in the mds file which is always pretty small. Of course mounting the image won't allow it to be played back but DVD Decrypter sees that there is copy protection (which it can't see when only mounting a normal ISO dump) and is able to get the CSS keys from the Alcohol dump.

I personally think DVD movies and stuff should be more of a branched project though...the ARccOS protection on some DVDs won't be easy to get around though. I've seen DVD Decrypter's clock show upwards of 6 hours when trying to read the non-existent data on those "protected" sectors.

Oh and to dumper welcome to redump and I hope you enjoy what we have to offer here.

I was thinking of DVD video preservation again and maybe we could start a topic on this to investigate it?

AFAIK the .mds format isn't used to store decryption keys.. it only stores basic info like the layer break sector etc.

So I guess the following things could be investigated:

- Find a feasible (and fast) way of making 1:1 dumps and keeping all the (error) sectors in place.
- Find out how CSS keys are stored in the lead-in and come up with a sensible way of storing them.

Worth for preserving bonus DVDs packed with games, but only them. Regular DVDs won't be added into this database (but there could be a standalone project, if people are interested).