There are various region tags that appear to be duplicates of each other with no rhyme or reason as to which is used:

  • USA, Asia/Asia, USA

  • Asia, Europe/Europe, Asia

  • Japan, USA/USA, Japan

It would be a good idea to consolidate these together.

Additionally, "Europe, Germany" makes little sense to be a region tag of its own considering only one disc uses it and a "Europe" tag should suffice ("USA, Germany" and "Australia, Germany" also seem like they could probably be consolidated into their Europe counterparts).

Also, what is the use of the "Export" region?

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2 (edited by NovaAurora 2021-11-10 21:37:52)

Cleaned up the tags to the ones that had more entries
Asia, USA -> USA, Asia
Asia, Europe - > Europe, Asia
Japan, USA -> USA, Japan

And moved the one Europe, Germany entry as it is pointless (Two Europe regions = Europe region, not Europe, Region)
Europe, Germany -> Europe

I requested iRobot to delete the empty tags

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