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While researching Cactus copy protection, more specifically CDS200 (Cactus Data Shield 200):

http://forum.redump.org/topic/39497/i-a … ted-discs/

I read there are 7 major revisions of it. So, I started building a list based on what I can find on the web and looking the files on my own CDs, at the end my list looked like:

CDS200.0.4 3.0 build 12b
CDS200.0.4 3.0 build 16a
CDS200.0.4 4.0 build 10b


However, searching further on the web, I stubble upon document in German (it's not free, but Google Cache can open it) that is specifications for a car CD-player - I presume maybe for one of the big German car makers, where they provided long list of CD Audio Copy protections that the car CD-drive has to be capable to play. So, here is that list:

Key2AudioXS V1, Sony DADC
Key2AudioXS V2, Sony DADC
Key2AudioXS V3, Sony DADC

Cactus Data Shield CDS-100, Macrovision

Cactus Data Shield CDS-200 V3, Macrovision
Cactus Data Shield CDS-200 V3, Macrovision
Cactus Data Shield CDS-200 V4, Macrovision
Cactus Data Shield CDS-200 V5 5.0.150 5.00.160, Macrovision
Cactus Data Shield CDS-200 V5 5.0.151 5.00.160, Macrovision
Cactus Data Shield CDS-200 V5.1 5.1.90 5.10.090, Macrovision
Cactus Data Shield CDS-200 V5.1 5.1.91 5.10.090, Macrovision

Cactus Data Shield CDS-300, Macrovision

Extended Copy Protection (XCP) 1.9
Doc.loc V1
Doc.loc V2
Doc.loc V2
Copy-x, Optimal Media
MediaMax, SunnCom
Alpha Audio S-Type, Settec
Alpha Audio M-Type, Settec

So, some of the protections I've never heard, other like Key2Audio V1, I don't even know they existed and BTW they call Key2Audio "Key2AudioXS" (which I guess is the correct name, just we outsiders didn't know). I only have discs with Key2Audio V2 and V3 - I thought V1 was something like internal release and never used.

if you wonder, Macrovision acquired Cactus, that's why they are listed as the company that makes the CDS protection.

Also, I think they have some typos in the table, I mean why they have entries like "5.1.90 5.10.090" and "5.1.91 5.10.090" and later in the document they listed "5.11.90", which matches an entry in the table I build using my own discs and web searches.

So, that's why I think from V5 series of CDS200, there are actually 5.00.150, 5.00.151, 5.00.160, 5.10.090 and 5.11.090 (which they mistype as "5.1.91" in their table).

Another oddity is that they missed "CDS200.0.4 3.0 build 12b", which is popular on commercial discs, but they have "V3" that is totally missing from my list and I've never seen anywhere else except in their table. So, I think neither mine, nor their list is perfect and free of mistakes, but it gives an idea. In fact if we join mine and their list and assume the information there are 7 revisions of CDS200 is true, I believe the real list for CDS200 has to be:

V3 0.4 3.0.build12b


V5 5.00.150
V5 5.00.151
V5 5.00.160
V5 5.10.090
V5 5.11.090