Good news everyone.
Persona 2: Tsumi translation is out. You can download it Here.

Now if only someone could contact with OneVurfedGwrx, and ask him for Persona 2 - Tsumi (J) (v1.1) [SLPS-91211] fix patches, for all of us ;_;

SH-S202N (+6/-6), DUW1608/ARR (+91/+6 Overread: Lead In & Lead Out), GDR-8162B (+102)

The patch won't work with the version in the db.
It needs v1.0 [SLPS-02100] which was in the db and for some reason got deleted.

BTW, version 1.0a of the patch is out.

maybe somebody can make patch for v1.1 or v1.1->v1.0 transfer patch?

~ meow ~