I'm currently dumping one of my PC game which is on a DVD disc : rFactor Special Edition 2008.

The dumping goes fine until I reach the following step :

Running copy protection scan... this might take a while!
0,00%:  -

This operation indeed takes a while. It's about 1 hour that it stays at the same stage.
Is it normal ? This is the first time I experience this.


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OK... I kept it runnin and now I see some progress :

0,00%: D:\00000001.TMP -
0,03%: D:\00000002.TMP -

So it's just taking really A WHILE to perform this step. :-)

Maybe there are a lot of files in the DVD to scan but if those .TMP files are there the protection is SafeDisc...
Check if the .EXE files are unconpressed in the DVD and scan then directly with A-Ray Scanner or Protection ID.
Or install the game and check the protection of the main executables right away...

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Well I tried with a previous version of DICGUI and the scan seemed smarter and took less time.

The outcome of copy protection was :

Copy Protection: D:\00000001.TMP: SafeDisc v1 or greater
D:\00000002.TMP: SafeDisc v2 or greater
D:\rFactor.exe: SafeDisc 4.85.000