I have two artbook CDs in queue needing to know the titles. If any can help with A) Title for redump entry (romanized), B) Title in Japanese, C) Book title for Comments section.

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Appreciated, thank you!

Romanized book title: Desire Kōshiki Digital Genga-shū
JP book title spelling: DESIRE公式デジタル原画集

Romanized book title: PC-FX Best Character Kōshiki Digital Genga-shū Vol. 2
JP spelling: PC-FXベストキャラクターズ公式デジタル原画集 Vol. 2

Protip: Looking for the book's JAN barcode - not ISBN - will often bring up Japanese stores where the title will be easy to read. I used Google translate to romanize the titles. In this case, it's accurate enough for our purpose.

Thanks, but I think Redump / No-Intro use a different style of romanization than what you've posed (ō / ū etc)

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User7 is correct, Should be submitted as

Desire Koushiki Digital Genga-shuu
PC-FX Best Character Koushiki Digital Genga-shuu Vol.2

even then the Moderator who adds the dumps will correct them to follow the proper naming convention.

*** EDIT ****
Didnt see the original poster. so like yeah man, go with ^those and they will get fixed, just be like me and say it's a load of Squiggles smile

(whatever I put is invariably wrong haha)

wiggy2k wrote:

Desire Koushiki Digital Genga-shuu

need a colon?
Desire: Koushiki Digital Genga-shuu

wiggy2k wrote:

PC-FX Best Character Koushiki Digital Genga-shuu Vol.2

need a colon?  and "s" and a space.
PC-FX Best Characters: Koushiki Digital Genga-shuu Vol.<space>2

I agree with the colons, but not the space.
the covers don't show a space in the Vol.2 naming.

But let's be honest here... I am wrong 80% of the time.

The convention most used on redump for volume titles, is a space between the "." and the number, so you'll find most entries will say "Vol. 2" instead of "Vol.2" even if there is no space on the disc.  This is a sort of normalization/standardization that is done with the romanization here. 

I am working on a rough guide for some of these conventions, but it currently is a WIP.  When I have something remotely organized, I'll share for further review and discussion to help address things like this so everyone can be on the same page.