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Purchased / Dumped (2020-08-18) FIFA Soccer 09 - All-Play
Purchased / Dumped (2020-09-02) Just Dance 3 (Best Buy) (1.00)

Just a heads up
I dumped my Wii Collection a few years ago recently noticing a couple that aren't in the database:

FIFA Soccer 09 - All-Play (1.00) (RY9E69)
Alt version of RF9E69, GameId was visible on disc and case, was bought in Canada

Just Dance 3 (Best Buy) (1.00)
Very hard to find due to Gamestop/EBGames disc swapping, still looking for the target ver 1.00

Need for Speed - ProStreet (1.01)

Sadly I sold my collection before joining this group, so I'm posting this as a reference for their existence

Google Sheet found Here dumpinfo/BCA cell links contain the zip files.
Unfortunately that's all I can provide unless ISO are requested

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Just Dance 3 Best Buy and Target are both in, Need for Speed Pro Street v1.01 was just recently added in the past day or two.

Fifa Soccer RY9E is indeed missing though, will be found eventually.

Hmmm from what I understand just the 1.01 revisions of Just Dance 3 BestBuy/Target have been found and not 1.00

Oh, if there's a 1.00 version then yeah, you're right.