I noticed there was 2 games within Konami e-amusement redump. Why are these two games part of the e-amusement lineup when there is over 50 games currently using e-amusement in arcades by Konami?

I have a theory but I was wondering what your explanation is. These games most likely had a midlife software and hardware update to connect to Konami's proprietary online service (e-amusement), whereas other Konami games eventually changed on release date.

Even then, e-amusement is not a board to run a game. It is simply an online service for the game.

But NESiCAxLive games are also usually listed as NESiCAxLive games, not as Taito Type X ones. Konami PC systems don't have any special names, also, e-Amusement suggests a hardware smartcard reader, so I think its titles can be grouped together, why not.