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EAC gives a gap of 1.74 for track 2

When looking in sector view in ISO Buster, the 150th sector back from track 02 has nothing but ff ff ff on the top, going ahead to 149th before track 02 gives a device read error.

Doing the d8 command the read offset is 252, does having a high offset effect the gap at all?

Is it safe to say that track 02 should always have a 2 second pre-gap?

All other tracks have a 2 second gap.

Also in the guide it says to fill with user data if there is read errors at the 99% point does that go for sega-cd games also?

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PR a27 with not correct output settings but read offset correct, gives track 02 a 1.74 gap, so how many bytes would I take off track 01 with resize then? Do I take off 306936 bytes?

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You should take off 350448 bytes, check the size to see if it matches.

I could dump Shining Force only with Plextor+PerfectRip. Every other combination gave me wrong results.

Ok, I dumped the data track with ISO Buster and removed 350448 bytes, the size is 68,666,640 is that what you got gigadeath? CRC is a85fa1a0

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I got a different size   http://redump.org/disc/1938/

Is your disc Japanese?

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No, mine is the North America release.

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If you dump with IsoBuster you have to take out the data track the full 352800 bytes, IsoBuster always sees 2seconds after the data track, so your data track size would match mine, the CRC are different of course because they're different region.

What about audio tracks? You should add 2352 bytes of silence at the beginning of track02.

In other words, IsoBuster puts 352800 bytes more at the end of the data track, but PerfectRip/EAC put only 350448 bytes of silence at the start of the first audio track.

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Ok, to make sure I got this right, redump the data track and take off 352800 bytes.

dump track 2 without pregap and add a 2 second gap to it?

EAC and Perfectrip both gave me 1.74 gap for track 2 and 2 second gap for every other track.

I just got done dumping the audio once with EAC as I don't know the settings for perfectrip, I just used the default to get the pregap for track02 would that change the gap at all because they aren't the correct output settings?

EDIT: Ok, redump data took out whole 2 second gap and matches your size

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If EAC reports that Track02 has 1.74 pregap, just dump them all normal (with "append to next track" option) and then add 2352 bytes of silence (00 bytes) only at very beginning of Track02 with an hex editor. Track02 should already be starting with 00s, you only have to add another 2352 bytes of 00s.

A consideration, after Pepsidrinker dumps is tracks, if they match my Japanese disc but only with gaps shifted 1.74->2.00, it would be pretty clear that all these 1.74 gaps are only misjudgments from dumping programs caused by un-standard mastering.

It's not a case that Japanese discs with "normal" write offset (with normal I mean <100) report 2.00 gaps too, just like USA discs. See F1 Circus CD, Game no Kandume, Vay. When the offset becomes huge, then the dumping programs go mad and 1.74 gaps start appearing. Even official system documentation says minimum gap size for MegaCD is 2 seconds!

Maybe not tomorrow, but in the near future we should change all of them to 2 seconds, hopefully there will be an automatized way to do the process.

Ok, I got them dump twiced and they match I am going to add the gap to track 2 then post the results.

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Here is the information

    rom ( name "Track 01.bin" size 68664288 crc 5339bdb1 md5 320ecc2846f07a172a93a43204d57d7c sha1 24be0c8e34fb14ea492cb2fb5e4f819a43c86b49 )
    rom ( name Track02.bin size 1766352 crc cffff5aa md5 37f2bf36af8c30b093da12721545994c sha1 bddae0aa6a76d65247764af5a5beacbacea5cd97 )
    rom ( name Track03.bin size 3488016 crc 5ff0f1a5 md5 e6b5c63cd99e66005b764fb793b60bea sha1 df6b01eddba44ff825dca9202c2af8e3ab2a05c3 )
    rom ( name Track04.bin size 9716112 crc 01525a7d md5 8cd53ff914fd2e5815e075b8bc823ed1 sha1 e79f5e46500dd210a5e3ed2c42dd6c7c64b2961d )
    rom ( name Track05.bin size 15756048 crc ae95d7e4 md5 5eea46142f7e8cace7cb83a2a67b2489 sha1 a20fb96b1a73b1612bad1cda78f176aa02b2fb1b )
    rom ( name Track06.bin size 26697552 crc c1ced118 md5 57eceb264a272888d3633a91882c93eb sha1 323a05c6aa8d548ba368a746d165a6b2c243295e )
    rom ( name Track07.bin size 16706256 crc 4d91e8a9 md5 80bd010f8f0395cc5f02ce02cebace50 sha1 c571788bda40534282d0ee22c8a72ae47458a0ab )
    rom ( name Track08.bin size 10725120 crc 36084a65 md5 76eaeb929a249d266fdff32a915eac2c sha1 8c23a5fc2a26d6815944485cb2f2d44794d4b6fd )
    rom ( name Track09.bin size 1992144 crc 93961d4f md5 47f997e4e2861f46f2ff00e62a1570b1 sha1 60ef9d68d0838952bae242044eaae3c34cf9b36e )
    rom ( name Track10.bin size 2105040 crc cc5908f5 md5 c7e55d05f8df8bc82ff0b1e7029e1618 sha1 4b2e15eb8cc9a2d12b4f13ea2bdd7d6d1693ece8 )
    rom ( name Track11.bin size 2229696 crc 9bfdbac6 md5 973a9cd0dd65751707f576b26fc7de7b sha1 d65a3bafcda298ed30891e4b5478843f1d70fac1 )
    rom ( name Track12.bin size 15344448 crc 978103dd md5 9381f7e1eedc1cbc04e86653f9edc7e7 sha1 3f83d7be192b36c647c57c30a4a42ff71e001790 )
    rom ( name Track13.bin size 25789680 crc 40048256 md5 9520a739ad2f3a6a035d98d217ece3d5 sha1 649858b1f3cdcef03f05b05671d80d7a3ea1eca8 )
    rom ( name Track14.bin size 25897872 crc 913cb7f9 md5 87522aeafd7e4d68a5c9f0e0a4a87393 sha1 bb21f2c3175240fbd951c77ca5bce005a46665d0 )
    rom ( name Track15.bin size 15177456 crc 1d1a94c9 md5 c3b7f2bf9b7a305b2905c6fc2e3ed670 sha1 eab872961add6846f9097a923d4fa75692fa82bf )
    rom ( name Track16.bin size 6623232 crc ee088794 md5 7f498959ae53011afe4d3a2e247ea4a1 sha1 e69e2efceffa879921365364fde1949be5d31ed0 )
    rom ( name Track17.bin size 8196720 crc 7fe76ba6 md5 4bb86a9fb71852d22ec848fcb3b96985 sha1 b5f0662e9b9caa042ced4c9de7df2831bdb9af26 )
    rom ( name Track18.bin size 9391536 crc 85fe757c md5 053723ed5260071477cb0da01fc18602 sha1 c05503bb8e3cd8576783309bd99475ac8e4f48c6 )
    rom ( name Track19.bin size 5522496 crc a48585f0 md5 11da078474d5f5279f970dcb96dd3890 sha1 c7a0dcd5f9ce54a3a8b9fc3c42f7cd1d22dbfce4 )
    rom ( name Track20.bin size 5089728 crc 75038767 md5 fa97056db0d11e11729144521cbcd771 sha1 1584ba386ce7740c196b4d4245f2a5f900f2c05e )
    rom ( name Track21.bin size 4906272 crc 2e576212 md5 39abca1f0c1b5be85b4f917cf05be714 sha1 b810bedfd5e0643d92e8db72896b02c9ccaaec97 )
    rom ( name Track22.bin size 20617632 crc 1d030b5b md5 1b14b09d628e55857908f37ce229edb9 sha1 99c9c26152117f162dfb53182cef9df6a2d942aa )
    rom ( name Track23.bin size 17298960 crc 346ed874 md5 8625e454bd7bea431167183f139e0bc6 sha1 1b35a315684c6179afc697f135adc7e6fa6107c6 )
    rom ( name Track24.bin size 19302864 crc 7eef3c26 md5 c623ee9f65105b23812fd555891743eb sha1 6962079ee8c7e3a77ca16996d168886851948db7 )
    rom ( name Track25.bin size 16080624 crc 539188e7 md5 26c86e8699e69dfa2906564a85e4b865 sha1 b9d655aa8d873ef110ae12944516ae60521b7853 )
    rom ( name Track26.bin size 14601216 crc 976631f7 md5 03282e36aeb2c9d3cd3e8c69d44af140 sha1 a5c35054552ffa27f446b09cd33f3166a546b1df )
    rom ( name Track27.bin size 16633344 crc f9a8f588 md5 8109b84c3c5f61c43db9d88ec9501992 sha1 a2f36bef258beba9b67c7e9c5f78b9bff7bcab3d )
    rom ( name Track28.bin size 11334288 crc 0de738a1 md5 0cbb13c7d05b535a0f2a6e4ac8be5b36 sha1 1ff30755600bf5b2dffb637ae3348070c128e408 )
    rom ( name Track29.bin size 9201024 crc f54b87cb md5 1f43007b8fd6c056acc04e1b04c98715 sha1 06de4215e8d02a2c1da01115417849f7c1cd29a9 )
    rom ( name Track30.bin size 33490128 crc e451cd70 md5 ed8b883c1c65e93c8f1dce90588aede7 sha1 8bd1cea61f346bea675a5956be3f341e97e146ea )
    rom ( name Track31.bin size 40901280 crc 38033489 md5 7faf520551bbd884c3712a8e30fc402d sha1 f0b053822c681eb10ed0ead03534e41bb36ea3b6 )
    rom ( name Track32.bin size 2008608 crc d2887377 md5 7e0e7eea4a6e9d544d9eb9b616c06a55 sha1 46616f2d6294fd98e696bef3b3c062ca813c5a02 )
    rom ( name Track33.bin size 1952160 crc a0591118 md5 bc85bfda5107b6758960ad0417802531 sha1 4d96e6e6385eeedb72a74fd83a57ad0a3e967f83 )
    rom ( name Track34.bin size 1822800 crc 50dec0e2 md5 3b62b3c4498d27b82949025096c36aaa sha1 e44d4d10912ef39f68239719c1db1ca53e81c5db )
    rom ( name Track35.bin size 19314624 crc bf8d21ca md5 2916f44be57f073c4ebc90b1cc464222 sha1 6a8cf635af1296e86c470f10a13fc0ee2a825387 )

Size: 506,345,616

Length from ISO Buster:  215283

I don't know how to change bytes into sectors to see if they match, this is with 2 seconds taken off data, and a 2 second gap for track 2

Hopefully I am done with Shining Force smile

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Are you sure you added 2352 bytes of silence at the start of Track02? Actual disc sector lenght matches with mine, but your Track02 still is 2352 bytes smaller than what it should be.

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Yeah, I did to a no gap track 2 and that's what I got... I just did it to a 1.74 gap track 2 and this is what I got from that..
2,116,800 bytes

These are the instructions I followed:

psxt001z.exe --gen pregap.bin 352800
copy /b pregap.bin+track2.bin tr_new.bin

Looks like my last track is bigger then yours and your track 2 is bigger then my other wise they match?

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Ok it's fine I see your Track 35 is 2352 byter bigger, it makes sense since all the gaps are shifted.

Can you post your info on WIP?

Another thing the 215283 lenght from IsoBuster is from actual CD or from dump?

And you can launch in IsoBuster both actual CD and Daemon mounted image to see if LBAs match? It a necessary check with problematic discs smile


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It's from actual cd, I will check with daemon have to install first...

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Ok, got it all fixed up and it matches from daemon also 215283

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Can you mail me your Track02? I want to do some tests.

Thanks smile

Sure, no problem on it's way.

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Did you get my email gigadeath?

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I just used psxt001z --track option and my Track02 matches yours with -914 offset correction.


So you don't need my file anymore lol I just uploaded it on rapidshare oh well.... glad it matches.

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