I'm looking for an account so I may contribute some dumps for the original Xbox. I have a number of NTSC-J Asian versions of games, some of which I noticed are not available from the index. The Chinese version of Mechassault is one I picked up. I just got my Kreon drive last week and just started doing some test dumps to make sure everything is proper. Would love to learn more about the project and contribute some dumps. I'm located in Canada and love importing video games from auctions in asian countries.


Robert Warman

Welcome, obtain your password here.

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Please make sure you read and understand the dumping process and the way you have to submit the dumping logs before posting your dump info.

Feel free to ask question on the forum, or via Discord about how to get started preserving games with Redump:

Speaking of Chinese XBOX releases - do you, maybe, have this and this?

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unfortunately I do not own either of those. I did see a copy of daemon vector on a taiwanese auction site a few days ago. it was still sealed and the seller wanted 3,500twd for it.

Also came across a copy of metal dungeon for real cheap, I might grab it in my next lot, I'll be sure to dump it if/when I do.

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