I'd like to check if some dumped games match your database. They have audio tracks as .ape files but in the cuesheet .bin files are indicated. What software should I use to convert the audio tracks?

Thanks in advance.

Use unpackIso.

Thanks a lot wink

PD.- Totally offtopic, I think it will be hard to raise my upload ratio if I download demo discs sad.

Could you please explain how does it work? I tried to drag and drop *.ape files to unpackIso.exe like *.ecm files to unecm.exe - that didn't work. I even tried that with all applications that were included in that archieve. I tried to decompress it in EAC - error. Than I googled the internet and found Monkey's Audio 4.01 beta 2 and it decompresses the files, but they are 44 bytes larger than they should be. EAC now works but 44 bytes like the Monkey's Audio 4.01 beta 2.

You should drop the folder with the compressed image on the unpackIso.exe, not the single files.

Everything works now! Thank you, Dremora!