Hi the Team.
I am not member but I wish to apply for membership.
I wish to contribute to the forum.
I do translations for the PC old games
"English, french, chinese, japanese..."
This is just an example... Actually I am currently
working on Gabriel Knigth 2 The Beat Withing.
I want to correct the subtitles. Because, when
you apply it the english patch, you will no longer
have speech when reading letters in the game.
This is the ideal forum for treating this subject and many other.
Waiting for your answer,
My best,

But we don't discuss translations here, why do you think "this is the ideal forum for treating this subject"?


Hello F1ReB4LL,
"I have just see your message."

I read a lot of very good discussion
about translation patchs or on the texts
in the other languages :

I am myself interested by many other subjects !
Best regards.