How come when I dump a game thats in the dat file the dat file wont detect it, it just says its an unknown rom I tryed dumping using the CD rom guide and it still doesnt detect it I also dumped using alchohol 120 and it doesnt work. What am I supposed to do?


I believe no dump will ever match dumping with alcohol 120, if the checksums match then they are good if not try the guide again doing it over. I wish I could help you with clrmame but unfortunately I don't know how to use that so if someone helps you with that they will also be helping me as it doesn't detect anything for me either.

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well see I have Final Fantasy VII and i am trying to dump so the dat file will detect it but I used hashcalc and the checksums dont match with the ones in the database.

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Your disc not in too good of shape? Have you tried cleaning it with a lint-free cloth?

Three years and still going strong.

ok nevermind I took a look at  the disc there are some scratches on the disc so that probably effects the checksum matching I geuss there nothing I can do to get a copy of the
Image then I will probably download it from another site.

Game stores usually have a machine to resurface CDs. Try that.

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to verify a crc of an existing dataonly psx cd all you'd do is click on Extract Track 01/Extract RAW Data (2352...). but if cd is damaged i think IsoBuster should give you a warning. could you please scan this image with psxt001z --fix or --scan or CDMage, maybe it is different somehow after all... or if you get no warnings in IsoBuster but do when scanning an image, it could be that this drive is not good for ripping.