Hi, I can help dumping some missing Asian PS1 games. I also have one that is not even listed wink

Problem is, I dumped some already using Alcohol 120% and I don't have the discs with me anymore.

Do you guys accept MDF/MDS dumps? If yes, great, if not, we have problem...


We can only accept dumps from original disc sources, dumped with the methods explained in the wiki section of the website. What is the game that is not listed in the wiki page? Any info on the serial number?

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Crap that sucks, I just went through the dumping guide and I see now that you only accept some Plextor drives with a specific dumping program.

It's a demo disc that took me ages to find, it's not listed anywhere
i'm currently dumping several discs for public enjoyment, pm me email me if you want, thanks

So there's no way to reuse my MDF/MDS to convert them to something that you accept?

The ones without audio tracks can be converted, the ones with audio tracks - depends on the drive you've used.

LuxKiller65 please dump and let Fireball take a look. Thanks <3

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It seems he has already dumped everything earlier and only has images now smile

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Well at the very least it should be added to the miss list. Whats the title / serial number?

All my posts and submission data are released into Public Domain / CC0.


Yeah I've dumped several already -- the one you guys are missing is not in my hands anymore, so for that one I only have MDF/MDS at the moment.

I can give you a link to where I keep my dumps if you care to have a look?
just send me an email, id rather not link or attach anything here

I've used different drives for the dumps, but I keep the alcohol logs so we'll able to find out