could you please add ID;Date fields to --fix and --scan commands and also make it so to check date for PSX.EXE in case when SYSTEM.CNF is not present?

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it also would stuck in an infinite loop before ID field, when executed on Japanese Ace Combat [SLPS-00061] data track without parameters. label is ACECOMBAT exe is PSX.EXE dated 1995-05-17
also crash on Beyond The Beyond [SCPS-10014] when looking up ID
crash on Wild Arms [SCPS-91306], where exe is in subdirectory "exe":
BOOT = cdrom:\EXE\SCPS_100.28

crash on Oni Zero ID field: SLPS_031.06 in root; label:ONIZERO_HUKKATU_

great idea i can think of another the original version of arc the lad jap