I would like to request an account for submitting data for some PS2 games.
I have some PS2 discs which are not in redump database.

for example:
Ultraman Fighting Evolution Rebirth
Ultraman Nexus



for following the guide about PS2 disc, i dump the games as bellow:
Ultraman Fighting Evolution Rebirth[SLPS-25529]
Ultraman Nexus[SLPS-20420]
Shoujo Yoshitsune Den Special (Disc 1)[SLPM-65363]
Shoujo Yoshitsune Den Special (Disc 2)[DVD-Video]
Shoujo Yoshitsune Den[SLPM-65364]
Shoujo Yoshitsune Den (best)[SLPM-65364]
Shoujo Yoshitsune Den 2 Special [SLPM-65988]
Shoujo Yoshitsune Jan (Bound with Shoujo Yoshitsune Den 2 Special)[SLPM-62619]

I rally want an account to complete this amazing project, thanks again!