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I think this is my 9th post here and I haven't introduced myself.

I'm from Spain and I hear about your project at No-Intro official forum. I got interested in your project and after reading the PSX dumping guide I tryed with some of my disc with no luck.

After a period of time, I'm here again and I'm glad to see your psx database has grown a lot. I'd be really interested in getting a full set of PSX games (well, currently not so full since I don't have enough HDD). My main interest is to start collecting psx snapshots and covers for the No-Intro Screenshot Archive ( ).

I know, and a couple of days ago I did, I can patch wrong psx .bin files to get good ones, but I don't want to disturb a person asking for a patch everytime I want to get a good dumped game. So, here goes my question: Are there any plan of releasing some kind of software for automatic dumping the games? I had problems dumping games with audio tracks sad.

Best regards and thanks in advance wink

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Hello and thanks for the introduction smile I am glad to know that people from other project are also interested in Redump. And it's also nice that you are going to add psx snapshots and covers to the No-Intro Screenshot Archive - I've been searching for someone who will start this difficult work. Also I have several scans you may start with. Good luck!

About the software: a new dumping tool called PerfectRip is currently in the development stage, but until it's released, there's only one dumping method described in the guide.

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Thanks, then I'll wait until this tool is released to build my own collection of good rips and submit new dumps wink

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Hi Macarro!
I am in your situation about the games with audio tracks! But you could start to dump your collection with the games with data track only! It's rather easy! Just identify disc type and follow a very little part of the dumping guide!

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Hi Macarro, one more no-intro on psxdb tongue

As for games with audio-tracks: my optical-Drive wont't read them complete at all. What drive do you have?

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An LG but I can not tell you the actual model since I'm not at home now.