Hi there, I would love to join your community here. I've spent a lot of time over the years dumping CDs through EAC with the guide that was used on what.cd. I've amassed quite a collection, and now I've got into preserving a lot of my disc games as some of my PS1 discs aren't looking too good. I've been able to rip a few with a cruddy USB Transcend DVD drive, but it won't accept all discs as DICUI fails immediately. I do have specialized tools to rip Xbox 360 Discs (0800 drives and an X360USB Pro), and I have a Blu-Ray drive that can read PS3 discs, and can read, but not decrypt the data from PS4 game discs. I feel like I could be a great help to the community. If possible, I would like to buy a Plextor drive, but I don't have access to a computer with IDE connection. Otherwise, I can rip some CDs, and most DVD/Blu-Ray games right now.

Thanks for your consideration.

Note about plextors - you can find DICUI-compatible USB plextor drives. They may be generally rarer or more expensive but you can occasional find one for cheap.

My want list
Able to dump: GC , Wii, Wii U | GBA, DS(i), 3DS

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