Since I have a bunch of jap saturn cds, I would like to contribue to this project.
So I just try to dump a known dump to verify if I understood right the PSX dumping guide. I select KoF '95, the only game I have that is listed on the forum.
And I run in a strange behaviour : EAC detect some of the gaps as 2:01 seconds long. I tried with 2 drives : a BENQ DW1640 and a PLEXTOR PX-W2410A, with EAC 0.95b4 and 0.99pb3 : always the same results : 2:01 gap on tracks 17 and 25.
Am I doing something wrong ?
I'm puzzled...

PS : I saw the TOSEC Gunbird dump have also some 2:01 gaps, I will try with it and see if I can get the same result or not.

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With Gunbird : Same result as TOSEC dump : all 2:00 gap except track 10 with 2:01 gap...
I just see EAC 0.99bp3 correctly detects the 2 seconds pregap between the data track and the 1st audio track with the Plextor drive (see screenshots, at least it's 2:02 for Gunbird and 2:00 for KoF '95)...

King of Fighter '95