I have just tested this and it seems ok.

1st. I don't have a drive set up to dump my SSv2 from XGD3 discs.

But what I can dump is a bad SSv2 using my kreon drive, if you then inject it into the ISO, and run abgx360 it fixes the bad part and produces a fixed SS, inside the ISO, which you can then extract from the ISO.

If you then run ss_sector_range.bat you end up with a proper SSv2

I tested this on an XGD3 dump (not by me) with the SSv2 hashes in redump, found the corresponding SSv2 on abgx360, ran ss_sector_range.bat and the abgx360 one matched redump CRC32.

Then found one of my dumps on abgx360 downloaded the corresponding SSv2 ran ss_sector_range.bat and it matched mine, the one I had got from my disc and fixed.

So is it worth me submitting all of my XGD3 SSv2.bin files using the above method.

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