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Recently, i discussed with some users from Redump about taking a look at the PS3 dumping method so casual dumpers dont need to deal with OtherOS. In a few words: Let CFW handles all, with a dumping tool focused on obtaining all the neccesary data from the BD at only one shot, just like all CFW users do on Multiman for example.

http://wiki.redump.org/index.php?title= … ping_Guide

For that reason i came looking for known sceners and i finally got a chance to talk with PixelButts on Wololo's website forums.

This was his first comment to the matter:

"The easy way that preserves quality of the disc integrity with a dump is buy a DECHA00A, throw D-REX rebug on there (and multiman) and dump as ISO then FTP the results to the PC. This allows one to bypass the need for 3k3y or any weird filesplitting.

I say DECHA00A because it's just an inherently good model, DECHA, DECHJ, DECH2000A, DECH2500A are all acceptable as well as their variants. DECH3000A, DECH4000AA, DECH4200AA are unable to be modded and therefore are bad. DECR systems are also acceptable but these have odd quirks that you'd only notice if you regularly do this stuff so I dont suggest them but if you want to then by all means.

Additionally, there are certain aspects of non-finalized PS3 discs that one should note too, and that is they don't need 3key or a PS3 to rip and decrypt them. Unfortunately this comes at the cost of dumping via IMGburn (or other medium) THEN decrypting with the SDK tools, or decrypt directly to loose files (which destroys mastering information). Ripping a non-finalized PS3 disc with IMGburn (or other software) is perfectly acceptable as the end result is an ISO that would be generated by said tools themselves, so an encrypted ISO is realistically the most 1:1 result of a disc even though you'd have to take another step to decrypt it (which isn't really that bad or hard).

Would you like me to explain anything else or are you satisfied with that explanation? I know there are other options if need be but that's if you want to hear them."

As i expected something more concrete about my concerns, me and user Pool7 asked in a more acurate to the point i had in mind:

" Thank you PixelButts for all the details and for taking the time to respond.

Although I understand and agree that a DECH would be the best / easiest option, in order to lure more people into preservation, we want to make the process as easy as possible. As such, asking a dumper to buy a new console may be overkill in most cases.

The idea is to try to simplify the current process for retail consoles, by eliminating the need of the OtherOS? Would this be feasible?
Is it something that would require additionaly programming? Or can existing tools be used to replace the current process?

If additional programming is required, do you know of anyone with the necessary skills/knowledge that may be interested in helping?

Any and all feedback is welcome. "

And so, this was his answer:

" So I'll start with the first issue. The console isn't really important, I just find that the lack of needing hardware flashing or any special method to put a DEX system on CFW is far worth the extra money in general, not just for this task.

Second issue I have is the need for 3k3y and the disk_key, disc_id and PIC. Although I understand why the disc_id is needed (and this one can easily be grabbed), the disk_key and PIC I dont overly see the use of due to them being excessive extra info (which for redump may not be as excessive but that's up to you). If you read here http://www.psdevwiki.com/ps4/Disc_Ident ... ation_Data (PS3 version is not maintained and you are redirected to the PS4 one, both use the same stuff) you can see that the PIC zone is really not that important as far as the set of information goes. The disc key is in a similar boat but only because this information is not as upfront and visible as the other stuff which you can see here http://www.psdevwiki.com/ps3/Bluray_disc#IRD_file all of which can be found in the param.sfo file (except some stuff like the keys and encryption stuff, of which isn't honestly needed).
In short, of the 3 things the dumping guide wants, only 1 really matters because the other 2 are either just held in the param.sfo (and ps3_disc.sfb for part of it) with the PIC being virtually unneeded unless there's a specific thing you need from it. I'm sure if there's something genuinely needed or important in the PIC zone for redump then I can understand.

Additionally the problem I have with the existing dumping guide is that it's rather outdated (for example, enable direct disc access isnt an option anymore, it's just the default). Multiman by default (if cobra is enabled) will dump a decrypted iso which gives access to the param.sfo (which is all the main stuff needed) as well as allow you to hash the iso and get any extra metadata you may need. I've tested this with and without cobra mode. copy to iso is only an option with cobra if you want to use multiman. Other managers may vary (Irisman for example might be useful) but if you just need the iso off the disc then all of it is super easy now.

The third issue I might see is if you're wanting a build date or timestamp with the data. I know there's some ways to get that but I'm honestly not sure if you want to go by the timestamp given by the disc (as in just pop it into a disc imaging tool and check its info) or if you want to go by the data because the data and disc will possibly give different results. I wouldn't know as I've never actually checked that.

Getting a decrypted ISO isn't hard, getting the extra info is also not hard if you look at specific stuff on the disc ISO, so I don't see much reason to have to install OtherOS and run some 3k3y stuff if basically everything is there from the ISO itself. Is there something I'm missing about PIC or the Disc Key?"

My skills on this pattern are not high enough to fully understand both points (Redump's perception and PixelButts thoughts) but i wanted to put this on the table to check out opinions and see if its viable to rethink about the dumping process.

I think we need some guidelines as to what info is useful from a PS3 disc (and preferrably WHY that info is useful).
Once that is cleared, we'll be able to know if PB's explanation makes sense, and whether or not we can skip the OtherOS part of the guide while maintaining complete and accurate dumps.

Theres nobody in charge of PS3 dumping?

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Forgive my lateness, I just now noticed this thread but I think I can chime in.

The disc_key is very much needed, because Redump stores the hashes of encrypted PS3 ISOs. In other words, the data that is physically present on the disc. In order to make an encrypted ISO useful, it must be decrypted with the disc_key. The dumping method that PixelButts is espousing would give an already decrypted ISO. An argument could be made that Redump storing the decrypted ISO hash instead would be more convenient in a number of ways. But in terms of strictly disc preservation, the current way works well.

The disc_id is not quite as interesting, especially since the unique-per-disc part is blanked out. But since it can be dumped at the same time as the key and is needed for making IRDs, it's included.

PIC is also needed for IRDs, but it also has value as an authoritative indicator of the layerbreak location.

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I agree a new guide should be made for v4.82 CFW (now that hopefully many new dumpers will be able to join with newly CFWed units due to the new ability no longer needing <3.55). It should possible using only latest version Rebug with no 3.55 downgrade or OtherOS. Credits go to NvrBst for this info!!

http://forum.redump.org/topic/12699/ps3 … tructions/

Convert to CFW, newer consoles up to 4.82 OFW can use "PS3Xploit" visit the official website and forums

Install an EID root key dumper and dump the EID root key to a flash drive and put on computer
* EID Root Key Dumper Link: http://store.brewology.com/ahomebrew.php?brewid=228

Use Rebug Toolbox or equivalent to make a NAND (fat PS3)/NOR (newer slim PS3) backup to flash drive (should be a one click button in the menu)
This should come pre-installed with Rebug CFW or downloadable as a standalone pkg from their website to install on other CFW

Extract the EID4 from the NOR or NAND using NvrBst's instructions
Use your hex editor of choice to extract the correct 48 byte string from your NOR or NAND dump. You can find the coordinates (offset) for this at the below wiki link.
* EID4 offsets inside your NOR or NAND dump: http://www.psdevwiki.com/ps3/Flash:Encr … _eEID#EID4
NOR: 0x00303A0 - 0x00303CF
NAND: 0x0081BA0 - 0x0081BCF

Use a hex editor software to concatenate the contents of your extracted EID4 (48 bytes extracted from the relevant location of the NAND or NOR) + EID Root Key to make a 96 bytes file and save this as "3Dump.bin" using NvrBst's instructions

Download the attachment on NvrBst's post in the linked thread called "Getkey-r2-GameOS" and install the contained .pkg on your PS3. This is the linux key dumper recompiled for the PS3's gameOS system. This was the key ingredient we needed.

Put the 3Dump.bin file on a flash drive (Fat32) root directory, insert the disc whose key must be dumped, and run the GetKey program on PS3. This should flash for a few seconds and create some .log files on the flash drive containing the necessary information to be submitted.

Dump the encrypted contents of the PS3 disc using for example IsoBuster on PC with a compatible BD drive, or find another clean way to dump encrypted

Submit, post on forums or PM me if you have any troubles

I'm not a wiki editor but if anyone wants to clean this up and pop it on there or if I should it might help the would-be dumpers smile
*I also think BD-Video (including hybrid PS3/BD-Video) needs a guide which I can do if I refresh myself, and also I believe I might have posed my successful steps somewhere in the forums.

NvrBst wrote:

Also keep in mind you can generate the 3Dump.bin yourself from almost any CFW version (including 4.65) if you really want to (just the official 3k3y app only works on 3.55). However downgrading and re-upgrading is fine too.

### Generating it Yourself Brief Summary ###
3Dump.bin is just the "EID4(48 bytes)+EID Root Key(48bytes)". EID4 you can get by making a NOR or NAND dump (typically via multiMan), and EID Root Key you need an app.

* EID Root Key Dumper Link: http://store.brewology.com/ahomebrew.php?brewid=228
* EID4 offsets inside your NOR or NAND dump: http://www.psdevwiki.com/ps3/Flash:Encr … _eEID#EID4

I've generated the 3Dump.bin manually on 4.46, and it matched my 3.55 3Dump.bin. If you havn't already downgraded, and need more detailed instructions I can try to help, just let me know.

EDIT: Also, more so for your own information, if you run the official 3k3y app on a non 3.55, the 3Dump.bin file that is generated is typically just 48bytes (EID4). However, it is probably best to only run the official 3k3y app on 3.55 CFW, especially since you can just get the EID4 from your NAND/NOR dump and who knows what the root key logic does if not run on 3.55 (very unlikely to brick your system, but, isn't the cleanest thing to do).

Thanks for your reply archivr205, but I think it would be more useful for noobs if it's fleshed out.

All my posts and submission data are released into Public Domain / CC0.