I would like an account to submit some missing dumps for PC. I already have a Plextor drive and have dumped some games already.

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That's likely because I'm using Tor but I'm not the one spamming from the IP address. I know no one who is already a member to vouch for me.

It seems from other posts in this section of the forum that I can put the dump info here.

Game title: The Italian Job
Platform: IBM PC
Region: USA
Game languages: English
Installer languages: German, Spanish, French (standard), English, Italian
Edition: Original
Media: CD
Barcode: 7 78399 00289 8
Serial number: IFPI 9L01
Ring code info: IFPI LG07 / ST3012207B / GLS00289 / Made In Canada by Saturn

There is no disc title and I can't find anything about the version (text files, exe metadata, in game screens and registry). I put in serial number what is in the center non reflective part and in ring code the one in the reflective part, is this right?

https://mega.nz/#!6ToRFaLC!kj_fUvAP3_m7 … sTAytrfLBA


Game title: The Void
Platform: IBM PC
Region: EU (UK)
Game languages: English
Edition: Original
Media: DVD-9? (4.32GB DL)
Barcode: 5 060199 420091
Serial number: ODY001
Ring code info:
    (Center non reflective area) IFPY AEW10
    (First reflective ring) Sony DADC / IFPI LY34 / ODY001L1 01
    (Second reflective ring) Sony DADC / IFPY LY34 / ODY001L0 01

The disc has no title and no version info can be found. This is the Mamba Games release under the Odyssia label. It should contain bonuses but none are present.

https://mega.nz/#!2KwzyQwB!y0iJETLM1s8U … Gu7F7AEseo


The Dreamcast disc http://redump.org/disc/18020/ should be named "Web Browser 2.0 with SegaNet" as that is what the disc and case says, even the disc header in that page has the same name. I have the disc but no drive capable of dumping it but I can confirm that the serial is the same, the ring data is the same only missing the "Toolstamp or Mastering Code" WM5S8. My disc has the next info:

Title: Web Browser 2.0 with SegaNet
Serial: 51128
Rings: *3S*   51128   AF.9.51128   B    IFPI L433    WM5S8    IFPI 2U8C

There is a different disc named "Web Browser 2.0" that is not in the database nor in the missing discs list. I have it and this is its data:

Title: Web Browser 2.0
Serial: 51056
Non reflective center: IFPI 9217 (Mould SID Code)
Reflective ring: %MK-51056 / Z0511C